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Bed Bolt Kits at Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts. Ok trying to loosen up my bed bolt to install goose ball on truck, So i sprayed all my bolts up good with PB blaster, wd-40, pentrating oil. What size are the bed bolts on my 02? I talked to the guy at the local ford shop.

ford truck bed bolts 2Ford Pickup Truck Bed Mounting Bolt Washer – Bed To Frame – Counter Sunk Washer – Cadmium-Plated Cold-Rolled Steel Part 48-18023-1. I need some bolts that hold the bed onto the frame. 1999-2007 General Questions General questions related to 1999-2007 Super Duty trucks. F100 Central offers high quality Ford F100 parts and accessories. Find a full line of bed bolt and frame mount kits for your F100 Truck.

003 to 2010 F350 ford super duty. i dont see how some of these littl angle brkts bolted through sheet metal floor is any stronger than using factory bed mount holes. The next reason is, that while the truck bed bolts do attach to the frame, they attach to a portion of the frame that consists of relatively thin formed sheet hat channel, not thick structural channel or tube. Went to pull out the bed bolts yesterday to make sure everything. I’m half-tempted to take my truck up to the dealership and tell them to just fix it some how some way. Just an update for everyone on this topic: For my model year ranger Ford no longer makes the 2 longer bed bolts closer to the cab, you can’t get them at all, and they provide no cross reference to a different part number.

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As a Ford Authorized Accessory, TOFF sprayed on bedliners offers the ultimate shield against scratches, dings, rust, corrosion that damage the factory finish in the bed. On Ford trucks it may be necessary to remove bed bolts. Cost of new bed bolt kit not included.

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