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Addressing the latest interior trends with textured, sculpted and brushed effects in contemporary colour stylings, the range offers a fresh and exciting collection of exclusive designs. Metal Laminates. Combining stunning real metal surfaces with the flexibility and practicality of laminate Addressing the latest interior trends with textured, sculpted, brushed and the new hammered effects in contemporary colour stylings the range offers a fresh and exciting collection of exclusive designs. M6422 Brushed Cupro. DSI Formica DecoMetal Laminate Swatches. M605 Brushed Aluminum- Solid Metal M605 Brs Alum Sld M5311 Brushed Argent M5311 Brush Argent.

formica brushed aluminum laminate 2Formica DecoMetal M5306 Plex Argent laminated to a dynamic wall. Brushed aluminum, stainless any type of metal looking formica. My wifes grandmother’s kitchen is covered with brushed aluminum laminate from floor to ceiling. Wilsonart and Formica both have a metal (aluminum) line that has no phenolic. But even in the brushed aluminum, a scratch still looks like a scratch.

Formica Laminate. Metal finishes include chrome, bronze, copper, brass, steel and aluminum patterns in a variety of tints and patterns. Check out 902 – Brushed Aluminum, metal laminates from Chemetal. Satin Stainless Laminate Sheets provide enduring beauty like no other surfacing product. And, whatever pattern and color you choose for your kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity,. Has zero appearance as brushed stainless steel.

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All about M2032 Brushed Pewter Aluminium by Formica on Architonic. Find pictures & detailed information about retailers, contact ways & request options for M2032 Brushed Pewter Aluminium here!. – Formica Metal design ideas and photos. What looks for all the world like a marble counter is actually a laminate from Formica. Formica’s specialty laminates bring glamour and originality to vertical and horizontal surfaces. Brushed Aluminum M605 Formica/DecoMetal/Brushed Aluminum M2022.jpg Brushed Aluminum M2022 Formica/DecoMetal/Brushed Black Aluminum M4254. Argent Craft, a new DecoMetal Metal Laminate, is a warm tone with a texture that combines the organic feel of carved wood with the high-tech color of modern metal. Umbra: a new warm brown color, available in Plex, Craft and Brushed textures. Aluminum: a classic cool color, now available in a Plex texture.

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