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My frostless hydrant is frozen or otherwise not working. And it isn’t even that cold. To prevent it, I make sure to run the water each time I go out to the barn regardless if the horses need more water or not. I fill up at least 1 five gallon bucket. My handle on my hydrant is froze and it is supposed to get down to -2 tonight. How do you keep um from freez n. If the hydrant itself is frozen..well, I have one hydrant, and sometimes two, that do that every winter. Thankfully I have other hydrants on the property – but it does mean I’m running over 200 feet of hose to fill my tanks. (or know someone who does) Deploy the shack over the frozen hydrant, make her air tight, turn on you portable heater, and go back into the house, grab a cup of coffee. If you’re talking about the type of hydrant like the frost-free barn spigots that are buried in the ground, I’ve seen this work before, assuming the pipe is all metal back to the supply.

frozen hydrant in barn 2Articles and discussions on Frozen hydrant written and moderated by an equine veterinarian. Learned the hard way too – when the hydrant in the barn froze 2 years ago for the 1st time in 20 years – no more – heat tape by November. Location: Usually on my horse, OK, so I go out to the barn to fill water troughs last night. Hope my hydrant doesn’t freeze, the summer after the chicken water incident we wrapped heat tape on it several feet below ground just in case. Barn lady, i would recommend you get a yard hydrant installed. they are designed to drain the water out of the pipe and into the ground 3′-4′ in the ground so that much of the pipe does not have water when you shut the hydrant off.

With winter coming and my first year of having my water hydrant outside – I am wondering if any of you have any ideas of how I can be sure that it does. I know that one place I boarded wrapped it with a blanket – but hers was inside the barn and didn’t have to worry about it blowing away. LOL, some days when it gets REALLY cold, despite my attempts, the hydrant is frozen anyway and I end up hauling water from our bath tub spigot. Its been colder out and never frozen before. I could move the water trough but if I move it from the barn close enough to the house there isn’t any nearby power for the tank heater to keep the water from freezing. I think you are actually talking about a freeze-proof hydrant? When we hit the deep freeze last week, the pump in the barn quit working. The handle won’t go up 100 so the water does not flow. If it’s a yard hydrant, the actual valve is down at the bottom where it connects to the water line, which is supposed to be below frost line.

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frozen hydrant in barn 3FORT EDWARD When Fort Edward Fire Chief Matt Hurlburt pulled up Wednesday morning to October Hill Farm, he knew the single barn that was already ablaze could not be. If your climate gets cold in winter, having a dependable source means making sure the water will not freeze. Most water bucket de-icers are 250-watt units that plug into a barn outlet and are simply dropped into the bottom of a bucket to keep water from freezing. To ensure proper drainage and prevent freezing, the area around the bottom of the hydrant’s upright pipe should be filled with gravel. The hydrant is in an unheated barn, out of the wind. When I went to use it this morning the handle raised easily, but no water came out. After setting a propane heater by it for about 10-15 minutes it started working. Did it freeze down below? On Saturday, February 17th, feeling almost overwhelmed by the number of barn fire reports coming in, I tallied up the barn fire reports I received since January 1st where portable heaters, heat lamps and/or heat tapes were either the actual or possible cause. We had so little sub-freezing weather these past few years, that most folks were lulled into a frozen-pipe stupor! Ahead of this main barn shut-off, I’d recommend they add a T-branch (with its own shut off) to feed a bury hydrant. The pea gravel allows the water in the riser to drain out when the hydrant is closed so the riser won’t freeze. My husband and I recently moved to a new home, and we are lucky to have a barn with an outdoor frost free hydrant. If you use a quick connect for your hose, unscrew the connecter from the faucet, as it is very narrow and will freeze up from just the little water left when you turn off the hydrant.

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We have two standard water hydrants (lift up handle) in the barn. The water line is 3 feet under ground. As cold as it’s been here, the ground has been frozen and the hydrants have worked just fine. On Friday, we got almost 2 inches of rain and the barn got a good deal of water including at the base of the hydrant we use most of the time.