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More than an interesting sideline of the Toastmasters meeting, Table Topics can translate to more confidence at work and in social situations. Punslinging: not a true Table Topic, but a fun impromptu event. Give two people a topic and make them exchange punny lines on that topic until one of them takes more than 5 seconds to respond. 50 Fun Table Topics from The Corporate Toastmasters Club. Home Public Speaking 250 Table Topics for Toastmaster Meetings. Public Speaking. Most interesting book you have read 57. Ur favourite actress is in ur room, what is the reaction? 58.

fun table topics toastmasters 2Table Topics provides you with the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking. Following is a list of ideas we’ve compiled to assist Table Topics Masters in choosing a theme for their table topics sessions. Use a. Esther Song- Mississauga Sales and Marketing Toastmasters. WINNERS TABLE TOPICS – 1.

Table Topics (Impromptu Speaking). This page has tips and ideas for table topics masters at a Toastmasters meeting. What is impromptu speaking? Coming up with fresh, exciting and interesting impromptu speech topics for either your public speaking class or Toastmaster’s Club (table topics) can be a chore.

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101 Ideas For Great Table Topics