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We are blessed with a wonderful set of holidays in this society. It was a lot of fun and it is worth a try if your scheduled Table Topics Master is a no-show. 50 Fun Table Topics Ideas. When looking for Table Topic theme ideas, think of any topical major holidays as sources for theme-based questions. E.g. New Year s Eve/Day, St Valentine s Day, St. One way to induce creative responses to topics is to make the topics themselves creative. By setting a fun and festive tone as Topicmaster you will find that, even for members who claim to be devoid of creativity, the spirit becomes contagious.

funny holiday table topics 2In one meeting, our table topics master gave us a funny scenario to describe our big day. For example, last Christmas season, the club held two auctions. These are Table Topics especially suited for various holidays or seasons. At my meeting Tuesday night, the Topics Master presented what, to me, was great fun. I need to make a BIG list of table topics questions for an all table topics meeting in 2 weeks. The person who got that question had a bit of fun with it.

Rehana stumped us with Table Topics questions that guided us around the world. At least with the speeches, we can think of something to say in advance and bring our notes! But with the Table Topics, we are asked to think on our feet, be organized, funny, and entertaining all with just seconds’ notice!. Table Topics for the Christmas season. Transcript of Christmas Table Topics. What is your favorite Christmas Special or Movie?What is a New Year’s Resolution that you stuck to or lasted a long time?What is a favorite family Christmas tradition that you have?Tell us about a great Christmas present you have received in the past?Christmas is a time for sharing, is there a Charity that you like to donate to?How would you rate your Christmas Present wrapping skills?Would it still feel like Christmas if there was no snow?When do you start your Christmas shopping process?Christmas Table TopicsHow long is an acceptable amount of time to leave up your Christmas decorations?IF you could go away somewhere for Christmas where would you go?. Toastmaster Christmas Topics. There are a number of ways to incorporate Christmas topics into a club’s winter Toastmaster meeting. In addition to table topics, ask participants Christmas trivia questions or include a Christmas-themed word of the day.

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In order to make our meetings fun, I have tried to make our meeting themes positive. It is a different way to do Table Topics and it is FUN!! This proved to beso popular that it was done more than once. Holiday Traditions and Connections. 12 Fun Conversation Starters For Your Thanksgiving Table. Question of the day: What do you do for fun? (From tabletopics – Celebrate Edition) tabletopics.

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