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Meet the cast and characters from Framework Furniture Building Competition Spike. Common to Host Spike TV’s Furniture Design Competition (Video). Ellen DeGeneres’ furniture design competition, Ellen’s Design Challenge returns for Season Two.

furniture competition show 235 Modern Furniture DIYs Inspired by ‘Ellen’s Design Challenge’ 35 Photos. DeGeneres is the executive producer of a six-episode design competition series for HGTV her first on cable television. Go behind the scenes at HGTV with your favorite show and host news, delivered straight to your inbox. No need to tell you that there are all kinds of reality competition shows on TV: shows to lose weight, design clothes, cooking, inventions to attract investors, you name it. On Spike TV’s new competition furniture design reality show, Framework, Common will act as host and one of three judges. Common himself explains: 13 elite furniture craftsman will put their skills to the test in front of the show’s judges — two of which are actual furniture designers while the rapper, on the other hand, serves as the voice of the consumer.

Show Competitions: Show all Awards / Grants / Scholarships International Regional / National Student / Young Architects Ideas / Virtual Non-Architectural Call for Papers / Abstracts. EVolo Magazine is pleased to invite designers around the world to participate in the 2016 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition. What is the future of furniture design? The talk show host and producer is teaming with cable network HGTV to launch a furniture design competition series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. 016 Furniture Design Competition. The chair was created to show the potential of this design invention, which allows the transition from a 2D surface to a 3D object.

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furniture competition show 3Multi-talented Common is hosting a new type of reality show on Spike TV named Framework, which is a furniture design competition series. Hip-hop artist, actor and author Common is to host a new furniture design competition series called Framework, Spike TV announced. The ‘Nobody’s Smiling’ creator will head to Spike TV in 2015, to host a new furniture design competition show. Click here to watch a short video that will show you how to signup and submit an entry. 2016 Emerging Artist Competition Entry Form. Competition Winners received a number of awards ranging from the Best of Show: Vellum Prize; Runner’s up; People’s Choice; and Best Production Value. Ellen DeGeneres will launch a furniture design competition show on the HGTV cable network, titled ‘Ellen’s Design Challenge,’ in 2015.

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IWF Student Design Emphasis Competition is a competition where students enter their project ranging from case goods, to custom wood and other materials projects. In May before the IWF show, students submit slides and a written description of their project to be selected in a pre-judging session. The only cost to the winner is getting yourself and your works to the show. To enter the competition, click here. Entries will be juried by 3 Furniture Society special guests: Emily Zilber, Laura Mays, and Sarah Marriage. Brandon Gore tapped for judge on furniture competition show Framework. Concrete artisan Brandon Gore of Gore Design Co., Hard Goods and Concrete Design School was tapped to be a judge on a new competition reality show on Spike TV. Ellen DeGeneres is launching a new furniture design competition series with cable network HGTV. Read more here!

According to Indiewire, Common will be hosting the first ever furniture design competition show on Spike TV. The show is called Framework and it entails 13 aspiring furniture makers competing for 100,000. Ellen’s Design Challenge, HGTV’s new furniture competition series conceptualized by television icon and entertainment pioneer Ellen DeGeneres is set to premiere Monday, January 26, at 9 p.