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Size charts and installation advice on Garador up & over, sectional and roller garage doors. Garage doors come in a range of sizes, with many sizes considered ‘standard’. Learn how to measure your garage and choose the right door here. What is the ideal garage door size when there are no restrictions in construction? The same query is raised several times every day The ideal standard garage door sizes when planning and building a new garage? The straightforward answer when there are no restrictions is probably about 8 feet (2438mm) wide for a single car garage and 16 feet (4877mm) wide for a double car garage with obviously more width once you are inside the actual garage. Most roller and sectional doors can be made to almost any size so unless you are on a tight budget don’t worry too much about the standard sizes you may see for certain manufacturers.

garage door height 2Garage Door & Gate Solutions offer stylish Panel lift, sectional doors, tilt & Timber as well as Flush and Carport garage doors in Melbourne & Mornington. 250, 125, Door Height + 300. Headroom required, calculation and frame for residential garage door. Garage door headroom for an overhead crane. Bridge struts for large size doors. First determine what size you need. Measure the height, width and thickness of your existing garage door and take the measurements to your local Lowe’s.

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