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If you have questions about your existing garage door size, or are planning a new garage, here are answers to some common questions. You also need to account for the depth and width of the garage after the opening has been enlarged. If you have an older home, your garage door opening may be something other than standard. Standard, single car garage door widths start at 8 feet for single car garages, and move up in 12-inch increments to 10 feet wide. When considering your garage door dimensions, there are some standard dimensions that are normally used, especially if you are ordering premade doors. It is recommended that the depth of your garage be at least 6.89 feet to allow for the garage door to open properly.

garage door opening width 2Are standard two car, sectional garage doors always 16 feet wide? I like to work with the door open and dont need the lookyloos always rubberneckin when they drive by. The second option is to fit in the opening. This reduces the amount of drive through width and height but does allow you to fit a door where the space on the inside wall is limited. Measure the garage door opening at its widest point, from the inside of one frame to the inside of the other frame. Check the entire door frame (sides and top) for any bowing or twisting in the frame.

All up and over garage door sizes are expressed as the INTERNAL FRAME SIZE. If installing the door and frame between the brickwork and underneath the lintel, the brickwork opening needs to be 10mm wider and 5-10mm taller. Garage doors sizes and dimensions – Standard up and over garage doors from Garage Doors Online UK. When taking measurements for a garage door for a new opening OR to replace an existing door it is important to realise that different garage door types use different measurements to specify, order or indeed to price the door. At B&D, we firmly believe that the installation of a garage door is not a do-it-yourself job. B&D makes residential doors in widths beginning at 1200mm up to 6600mm.

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garage door opening width 3In some cases, you The rough-in opening for any garage door is the same size as the garage door itself. What are the standard sizes available for your residential garage doors? For a garage door opener you’ll need slightly more headroom, about 8 minimum. They all have different requirements for the actual structural opening required and it also depends on where the garage door and sub fixing frame is being fitted Inbetween or on behind the structural opening. Our General Recommendations A roller shutter or sectional garage door is definitely one of the best door types when fitted to the inside face of any opening to maximise the width and height when open and is by far the easiest place to install the door and gear as well. In a standard construction as of 2014, garage doors are 8-feet wide. The doors can range in size, however, up to 20 feet. Garage door width also changes to accommodate trends in automobile size. The 8-foot standard door is intended to accommodate smaller vehicles, and this width is expanding due to trends toward larger vehicles. Always consider the car dimensions while designing a door opening and choosing right size of the garage door. A 8 x 7 feet door will be the perfect option for any mid-size sedans and most of SUVs. I personally love the Marantec Synergy 270 Garage door opener. It is actually the first door opener from Marantec that has the LED lighting integration.

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Please measure your finished frame width (rough opening width) and finished frame height (rough opening height). Our garage doors will be larger than these sizes but this is the size of door you need to order.