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We’re going to show you three ways to use wood chips on a gas grill. Two of them will work on your grill right now. Here are a few tips to get you smoking’ on your gas Char-Broil grill in no time. You can also add wood chips directly to any TRU-Infrared grill. Two to three handfuls of wood chips will smoke for about an hour. The metal will conduct the heat of your grill to the soaked wood chips you pile inside the box. The holes in the lid will direct the fragrant smoke over your food.

gas grill wood chips 2I have a gas grill and want to get some good smoke flavor in a pork shoulder I am cooking. If you’re putting your wood chips directly on a fire, it’s good to soak them (and that means real soaking–a few days–not an hour or two). However, if you have hickory, mesquite or some other wood smoke flavor, well that’s barbecue. No, don’t just throw wood chips or chunks on your gas grill. How To: Smoke On A Gas Grill – Patio Daddio BBQ. Various kinds of wood chips are readily available throughout the spring and summer months at your local mega-mart or home improvement center.

Prepare the wood chips. Any variety of hardwood chips can be used for adding smoke flavor to food cooked on a gas grill. Some of the most popular are hickory, oak, cherry and mesquite. Grilling with wood is one of the greatest advantages to cooking food over a fire in my book, providing the unique opportunity to add a flavor that just can’t be accomplished to the same degree inside a kitchen. The first order of business is choosing the right size of wood from three basic options: chips, chunks, and logs. I’d be curious to know how to use chunks on a gas grill. Hey everyone, I’m smoking a 8lb brisket today on a gas grill at 225 degrees. I’ve got the brisket on one side being cooked via indirect heat.


Grilling with aromatic wood chips and chunks to enhance hardwood flavor like hickory, mesquite, maple and oak in grilled foods. Let us see how they can be used with a charcoal or gas grill. Keep in mind, that many electric and gas smokers on the market today, are only designed for use with wood chips. If you own a gas grill, then be sure to see our response to:. To smoke on a gas grill, check first to see if your grill has a smoker box (a long, slender drawer or box into which you can put wood chips for smoking). If it does, fill it with wood chips and light the burner under or next to it on high until you see smoke, then lower the heat of the grill to the desired temperature. Wood chips add great smoky flavor to just about any food, even food cooked on a gas grill! Wood chips are simple to use and make you look like a pro. Here is how to use them and some of our recommendations for pairing chips with different foods: Gas Grill:. How to make smoked ribs on a gas grill. Also learn how to make a homemade dry rub and barbeque sauce to go with it. Making a real Texas-style smoked brisket will take all day, but it’s eminently doable (even in a gas grill), and you can demand everyone call you pitmaster.

How To Add Smoke To A Gas Grill: 3 Steps (with Pictures)

Our gas grill smoking techniques and tips will help you turn any grill into a smoker. HINGED LID FOR EASY ACCESS – Easily add more wood chips in on the fly. This step by step guide shows you how to smoke amazing ribs on a gas smoker grill. All you need is a propane grill, wood chips, and foil pans. Bag of Hickory Wood Chips – It gives a strong traditional smoke flavor that is great for beef, ribs, and chops. They can be used on both a charcoal grill and a gas grill.

Never throw wood chips directly on a a burner, as this could clog the gas line.