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The Wurster HS processing insert, patented by Glatt in 1992, provides significant improvements over conventional Wurster coating technologies through increased productivity, high spray rates, increased yields and applications with fine particles. Programs can last from a single day to a full week. Training Topics include: Fluid Bed Granulation/Drying. Wurster Coating. Rotor Processing. Pelletizing. Ever wondered how the Wurster process works? This video gives an in-depth explanation on the Glatt Wurster HS process.

glatt fluid bed 2In addition to their established Wurster and Top Spray processes for coating and granulation of particles, Glatt recently launched a new technology to their portfolio. Curious about how granulation in top-spray mode works? This video animation illustrates a typical technical setup for this process. Our vast inventory of used fluid bed dryers comes from a number of respected OEMs, including Comessa, Niro, Vector Corporation, Glatt, Huttlin, and many others.

Typically, the fluid bed dryer will either be manufactured by Glatt or GEA Niro. A common client concern we address involves moving from one brand of FBG/FBD to another. GPCG15 GLATT FLUID BED DRYER GRANULATOR, S/S in Business & Industrial, Manufacturing & Metalworking, Process Equipment eBay. One (1) used Glatt GPCG15 fluid bed dryer granulator, stainless steel construction, 10 bar shock rated with 68 liter top spray and 27 liter top spray inserts, steam heated with air handling unit, HEPA filter, blower, controls and operator interface controller, serial 7087, new 2001.

Glatt Hp Process For Granulation And Coating By Fluidized Bed On Vimeo

glatt fluid bed 3Glatt Fluid Bed Processor. One used Glatt Power Coater Granulator, model GPCG-15, constructed in 1999, 316L construction, 2-bar pressure shock design, rear vented, with 22 liter spray granulation insert, inlet air handler with dehumidification, steam heater and HEPA filtration, control panel, serial number 6747. The Glatt group is active internationally as an equipment manufacturer, system supplier and engineering service provider in the field of processing and refinement of solid compounds for the food / feed, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry. The core technology of the Glatt group of companies is the fluid bed technology for the drying, granulating, pelletizing (see also spheronization) and the coating of solid compounds.

What Is The Difference Between A Glatt And A Gea-niro Fluid Bed Granulator