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Language: Spanish. Title: Ud. COMMANDS. 1. abrir: to open. POSITIVE: abra. NEGATIVE: no abra. 2. acostarse: to go to bed. POSITIVE: acustese. In negative commands, reflexive pronouns precede the verb. Affirmative commands with more than two syllables have a written accent over the stressed vowel. Learn how to form affirmative and negative Spanish commands, also known as Spanish imperatives. Spanish commands, otherwise known as imperatives, are verb forms used to directly address someone and give them an order. (to go out, to leave), sal, Sal de aqu.

how to say go to bed in spanish 2At the end of the verb in an affirmative command. Sintense, nios. Acostar/ to put, to bed, acostarse/ to go to bed. Simple, comprehensive grammar and vocabulary review of Spanish. To Come & to Go (Vos present conjugation and preterite, imperfect and future tenses not recorded). The only forms that differ between affirmative and negative commands are t, vos and vosotros. To give direct commands in Spanish you use the imperative mood. Vmonos! Let’s go! Durmmonos! Let’s go to sleep! Sentmonos!

In the present tense, dormir (dohr-meer) (to sleep) has an o-to-ue stem change in all but the nosotros and vosotros forms. Giving Friendly Commands in Spanish with the Imperative Mood. Spanish grammar. Discussion: first-person commands (nosotros). For affirmative commands, object pronouns trail the verb.

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To go to bed. Reflexive pronouns must be attached to affirmative commands. This learn Spanish grammar lesson is about learning how to give informal commands in Spanish. Informal commands are used under the same circumstances that you would refer to someone using Tu instead of Usted. Dormir (to sleep) – Duerme en tu cama!

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