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Not seeing anything that catches my eye on medicine cabinets. The medicine cabinet is the Godmorgon from Ikea.. and I believe it is about 5 inches deep. And I believe it is about 5 inches deep. Recessed Wall Shelf Idea Feat Modern Bathroom Vanity With Couple Under Mount Sinks Also Cheerful Area Rug Design.

godmorgon mirror cabinet recessed 2DIY bath remodel DIY medicine cabinet. Is what Paul said to me months ago, when I showed him my ideas for a giant, recessed, extra-tall, medicine cabinet. We designed and built an extra-tall, mirrored storage and medicine cabinet for our old-house bathroom remodel it s a GREAT way to use the space between wall studs!!. Qs. So you used the Godmorgon cabinet and framed it with wood on top of mirror by glueing?, then another frame outside the cabinet securing on the wall, and hinged the two together? The Godmorgan cabinet is 5 1/2 deep which is much better than the 3 1/2 that most are. Do you think a cabinet can look just as good as a wall mirror? Oops, we got two doors but no cabinet. Godmorgon cabinets at IKEA.

My cabinet was actually made to be recessed into the wall but was just mounted by a couple screws instead, so I didn’t have any hole to deal with. Posts about Ikea Godmorgon written by bklynbrownstoneproject. We settled on this extra-wide, mirrored medicine cabinet, which our contractor recessed into the wall. Basco Medicine Cabinets Godmorgon Mirrored Medicine Cabinet With Hardware Cabinet Dual Swing Doors Recessed Wood Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors, Medicine Cabinets Mirror: Bathroom, Furniture, Interior.

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IKEA of Sweden – GODMORGON Mirror cabinet with 2 doors – Mirror cabinet with 2 doors. Save. GODMORGON Mirror cabinet with 2 doors. Shop for the latest products on IKEA-GODMORGON-Mirror-Cabinet from thousands of stores at PopScreen.

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