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Invite customers in with indoor Street View of your business on Google Search and Google Maps. And if your business is a hotel, we have a special program for you. You can see and navigate inside places like airports, department stores, and malls using the Google Maps app. Note: Indoor maps is only available in selected locations. As a partner, you can include your floor plans and labeled layouts of your venues in Google Maps for desktop and Android. Your visitors can see your indoor maps on their mobile devices to conveniently find points of interest in your venue.

google in door view 2And now, Google Maps for Android enables you to figure out where you are and see where you might want to go when you’re indoors. Google has added indoor Street View results to general searches, allowing you to see if the ambiance of that downtown restaurant matches the online review. For a couple of years now, Google Street View is being used not only outside but also inside buildings. Several institutions and businesses can use the advanced tool called Google Interior Tours.

Foreign airports and train stations can often be confusing places to find your way around. Perhaps with that in mind, Google today launched an interactive map featuring Street Views of over 65. Google is taking its Street View mapping service indoors. No, it won’t capture you vegging out on your couch, but the feature will be exploring the interiors of certain businesses. There are already six indoor maps available on Google Maps today that were created with the help of Cartographer, Google tells me.

Official Google Blog: A New Frontier For Google Maps: Mapping The Indoors

Street View Trusted photography network See Inside Group have offices in London, Edinburgh and Dubai, we’re here to bring Google Maps into your premises. Does anyone know of a way to create an indoor virtual tour using Google tools, like StreetView and Google Business Photos. View Best Answer. Invite customers inside with a virtual tour of your business on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. In the experimental version (currently v3.21) there is now a StreetViewSource that can be provided in a StreetViewLocationRequest. Google Maps adds indoor views of major attractions on the regular. Ahead of this summer’s Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, the company is taking you inside the. Order your Immersive 360 Degree Google Indoor Street View Tour from Impact 360 Media today. Highly affordable and highly effective.

Google Brings Street View Inside More Than 65 Airports And Train Stations, Calls It A ‘first Effort’

Hello,. We are actually working on a inside view project with some big mall in Indonesia, and about this, i have couple of questions about:. Continuing with its indoor push, Google Maps is today introducing a new way for users to view indoor panoramic imagery from businesses.