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8 ea on 5 Plts Office furniture to include: 1 ea 5 drawer meta lfile cabinet, 1 ea 2 drawer storage locker, 2 ea wood ca. It catalogs most surplus items and real estate for sale by the federal government, from cars and commercial real estate to furniture, computers and office equipment. Personal Property refers to tangible items ranging from common products, such as office equipment and furniture, to specialized apparatuses, including scientific devices and heavy machinery. GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management helps federal agencies dispose of personal property that is no longer needed. Government regulations mandate that federal agencies consider acquiring excess personal property first, before purchasing new items. State and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies can obtain surplus personal property that is no longer needed by federal agencies.

government surplus office furniture 2Visit GSA Surplus Personal Property Sales for other methods of sale including live auction, fixed price, drop-by, and scaled bid. GovSales: Search for surplus personal and real property (buildings, land, and housing) sales, both online and offline, and connect to the federal government’s approved Sales Centers’ websites to bid on or buy items. Official site for information on all sales and auctions of government surplus property and assets. The Federal Government has determined that improper disposal of used electronics may have potentially harmful effects on human health and the environment. GSA regularly assists in the disposal of large volumes of office furniture! If your agency is in need of assistance in either acquiring or disposing of office furniture, please contact Rick Parker in the National Capital Region (NCR) Property Office at rick.

Learn why it’s wise to access government surplus auctions to buy furnishings, equipment and other items to start a new business or expand an existing business. On top of investments in equipment and office furniture, the typical costs for a startup include license and permit fees, market research and advertising costs, insurance premiums and hiring expenses. GovDeals is the place to bid on government surplus and unclaimed property including heavy equipment, cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, and so much more. OFFICE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES. Listing 6636054. NetworkedContent/listingImages/20151202/19aa2e3d-ba2d-4b06-bdce-93032e3f285e_fullsize.

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used office furniture philippines quezon city, metro manila 3We have a wide variety of colors and styles of office chairs and stools, sitting room chairs, etc. Photo is a random sampling of available items as stock changes regularly. This page is the home for the Idaho Federal Surplus Property Program. The Federal Surplus Property program acquires property no longer required by the federal government and transports, stores, and distributes the property to eligible agencies and programs. Federal Surplus Property includes a wide variety of new and used property; such as construction and maintenance equipment, vehicles, furniture, office supplies, etc. ) are available to government employees at no charge. New and refurbished furniture is available at a cost. Property can be found on NIH’s main campus at the Personal Property Branch Reutilization and Surplus Yard (Surplus Yard) or off campus at the Gaithersburg Distribution Center (GDC). Schiavello Workstations 275 Schiavello is one of the leading furniture companies. Bay of 3 workstations & partitions 1320 These high quality Schiavello sit-stand workstations give a great, fresh, modern look to your office. Items such as vehicles, shop equipment, office furniture, computers, hospital equipment, generators, road equipment, and more are available at surplus property centers. State Surplus sources, every Federal government agency has surplus property. We deliver transportation solutions to the government of today and tomorrow. Common items available are laptops, printers, cell phones, office furniture, computers, bikes, tools, cameras, jewelry and much more.

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By law, State Surplus may first offer all state-owned surplus property that had an original acquisition cost of 2,500 or more to local units of government through the sealed bid process. Furniture and office supplies are normally available in limited quantities at a very reasonable price. WE HAVE BEEN COMMISSIONED TO LIQUIDATE A COMPLETE OFFICE SPACE, GOVERNMENT SURPLUS, COMPUTERS, ELECT. The Division of Surplus Properties administers both the state and federal surplus programs in the Commonwealth. The Division offers a variety of products for eligible buyers, including: office furniture; construction equipment and supplies; custodial and cleaning items; laboratory and computer equipment; and surplus vehicles not associated with Fleet Management.