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I offer two to nine day courses in Green Woodwork and Chairmaking for novices, amateurs and experienced craftspeople. I teach the whole range of greenwood crafts; from pole lathe turned windsor chairs, ladder back chairs with varied seating, contemporary and free form sculptural pieces to an ever expanding range of other projects. During this course you are introduced to all aspects of a complete ‘tree-to-product’ process – from selecting and cleaving green wood ready for turning, to making a variety of small items for the kitchen and garden: spatulas, candlesticks, rolling pins, dibbers, string-lines and similar. Pole-lathe turning, Chairmaking, green wood crafts and illustrated talks.

green woodwork 2The UK’s leading supplier of green woodworking, traditional woodland craft, and small scale forestry tools and equipment. 2016 Woodcraft Course Programme now available. Green woodwork goods, training courses and services. I remember when I was first bitten by the woodworking bug. I was obsessed and devoured anything I could get my hands on. Having always been a bit of an academic (AKA nerd) no topic was off limits and I wanted to know everything.

From a simple stool to a two seater settee with many shapes and styles in between, all of these wonderful seats have been crafted in the woods. The have been made by people with no experience but with the desire to craft something with their own hands. Introduction to Green Woodwork. A one day course giving a good practical taste of all the different processes. You will be supplied with all the basic raw materials and a chance to try your hand with a variety of different tools – froe, axes, drawknife, gouges. Green woodworking involves the use of freshly felled timber and embraces a number of woodland crafts, including turning, carving, and various tasks making chairs, sticks, baskets, etc.

Green Woodwork Chairs

green woodwork 3After an introduction to green woodworking you can then choose to concentrate on making a Welsh stick or Windsor dining chair, or a small bench with solid seat. FoTHCP – Green Woodwork – The website of a registered charity whose purpose is the preservation of the areas of East London known as the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Cotswold Woodland Crafts offers courses in Green Woodwork and Chair Making. Make a chair, stool, trug, hurdle, pole-lathe, shave horse, spoon & walking stick.

Green Woodwork Chairs