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Ever since I started my beginner’s cabinet making course I’ve been intrgiued by the differences between modern woodworking techniques and the the more traditional methods such as Green Woodworking (like chair bodging). Some years later, Drew wrote a book called Green Woodworking, centered around a number of techniques & projects, all derived from riven stock. Originally, all woodworking would have been green woodworking. These techniques evolved to shape unseasoned wood when it was soft and pliable, and the wood simply dried over time after it had been worked.

green woodworking techniques 2John Alexander teaches about techniques and tools for making seating from green wood. Jennie (John) Alexander has been making post and rung chairs from green wood for over 35 years. You will see all of the techniques and methods needed to create a chair, including steam bending, horizontal boring and seat weaving. Techniques Finishing. I remember when I was first bitten by the woodworking bug. Over the past few months it has been along the green woodworking path using my spring pole lathe.

The green woodworking techniques used are age-old, such as steam bending; using the shrinkage of the green timber to make strong, long-lasting joints; and the use of Elm bark for seating. Following the success of his first two books Green Woodwork and Living Wood, Mike’s third book shows that he has now moved happily and unashamedly straight into the 21st Century. The tools and techniques needed for cleaving, shaping and assembling a chair. Learn to use the pole lathe and other green woodworking techniques to create a beautiful finished product without the use of power tools or machinery.


green woodworking techniques 3Introduction to green wood furniture making – 2 days A two day course learning the skills and techniques of green woodworking, with an emphasis on contemporary design and detailing. This workshop is designed to introduce students to a variety of tools and techniques used in green woodworking. During this course, students will gain practical experience working with traditiona. Green woodworking is a form of wood craft or in broad terms, carpentry, that works unseasoned or green timber into finished items. Green woodworking. Green woodworking techniques and sustainable wood is used by E. Leet. Eco Friendly Wood can be use for our kichen and bathroom cabinets. A two day course to make a stool from green wood. The first day will be spent developing your green woodworking techniques and shaving or turning the legs. All based on ancient woodworking skills & techniques, working with traditional hand tools, and using wood straight from the tree, whilst it is still fresh.

What Is Green Woodwork?

The Introduction to Green woodworking courses we run give you the opportunity to learn basic green woodworking techniques using traditional tools and create small wooden items. Does Going Green with Woodworking Finishing Products Actually Matter? The environmental impact of finishing products is difficult to slow down, but simple changes in techniques can seriously reduce an individual’s impact on the environment. York Wood Crafts – Rural and woodland crafts & green woodworking courses in North Yorkshire. Normal woodworking techniques rely on the wood being dry, or fully ‘seasoned’ and it can take timber months or even years to fully air dry. Green Woodworking: Basic Techniques. This is a beginners workshop suitable for adults and young people (10 years plus) where you will learn the basic techniques of green woodwork.

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