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Baltimore woodworker John Alexander first recorded his method for making traditional greenwood chairs in his 1970s book Make a Chair from a Tree. Richard’s chairs use the greenwood technique, which has a strong culture in England. (along with the sustainable coppicing of woods, where appropriate species of tree are lopped just above the ground, so they can regrow with an existing root structure. Pole-lathe turning, chair-making, green wood crafts and illustrated talks.

greenwood chair making 2Mike Abbott In 1985 Mike Abbott took what at the time, was the radical step of setting up as a full time green woodworker. His aim was to spread the delights of woodland crafts to enable people to regain a meaningful contact with their woody roots. Chair making courses. Greenwood Courses Chair-making Courses Other Courses Venues & Facilities Booking Form & Information Calendar of Courses. Tuition starts with an introduction to green woodwork and then covers all aspects of chair making in some depth, including the design, construction and finishing of Windsor and Welsh Stick chairs. Brian’s woodworking career began with the greenwood chair over a quarter century ago. It is his pleasure to keep this traditional way of chairmaking alive and apply all he has learned about designing for comfort.

Teaching green wood furniture making has long been an important part of Peter’s life, he regularly teaches green woodwork to children in Torquay and it is a delight to see their excitement at splitting a log and creating something beautiful. To enquire about the next available dates for the six day Greenwood Chair Making course, please email or telephone using the details above. Making chairs at the Cherry Wood Project. AA201322.jpg; Click to enlarge image B-Greenwood-chair-00.jpg; Click to enlarge image B-Greenwood-chair-01. Greenwood Days have been running activities for individuals and companies since 2000, organising courses, 1-1 tutorials and structured team building days. Public courses range from chair making to contemporary willow work, longbow making to coracle making and last from 1-7 days.

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One of the leading exponents of greenwood crafts, Gudrun worked for three winters as master-pole-lathe turner to Shakespeare s Globe Theatre in London, producing all its green oak balusters to original specification by hand. Gudrun’s programme of greenwood and chair making courses runs from May to September. Chairmaking courses at Country Workshops go back to 1979 when J. Alexander taught our first post-and-rung chair workshop. After the chair frame is assembled, fresh greenwood back-slats are rived and shaved, plasticized in boiling water, and then fit into slat mortises in the rear posts. The Greenwood Chair Project is a visual diary of my journey into greenwood working. It illustrates the process involved in making the chairs, as I believe this is as interesting as the final pieces. Jeff understands chair making in general and the Boggs’ ladder backs in particular. EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including Greenwood chairmaking. Get access to over 12 million other articles!. Green woodworker Mike Abbott making a Ladderback chair using traditional woodworking tools. Its made from wood like Ash which is relatively straight and knot-free, having cut a logs to length with a cleaving axe which is used to split them spart along the grain, then trimming with a hand axe.

Green Wood Chair Making

Its been an interesting journey making mistakes and trying to learn from them has featured highly. Posted in Chair Making, Greenwoodworking, News, Techniques. Posts about chairmaking written by pfollansbee. Tim will be an integral part of our Greenwood Fest next month, and way back when I was posting bios about the presenters, I asked Tim for a blurb. Each piece of equipment plays an important role in the chair making process. There’s a lathe, manufactured in the late 1800’s, that is still used for chair post designs. Our chairs are considered greenwood. This means that no glue or nails are used in the weight-bearing parts of the chair. Greenwood Chairs. I have been too busy at work to give any time to chair making, but now have a month of quiet trade, so can devote some time to making a few chairs.