Gun Ho Range Box Sample Plans PDF

Bullseye Pistol Boxes, Range Boxes, and Pistol Cases. Strong Case SRC-1608 Aluminum 3 Gun Pistol Box Additional Details. Gun-Ho 4 Gun Top Gun Pistol Box Additional Details. Gun-Ho used a similar product to cover their boxes. I have little interest in placing an additional pound of weight, or adding additional cost to a customer, in a pistol box simply to ease the movement of a drawer that is slid maybe three or four times times over the several hour period when visiting the range or at a match. Was reading that Gun-Ho aren’t being made anymore. Have a old model that is a wood frame, does anyone rebuild these?.

gun ho range box 2I need to buy a 3 gun pistol box that is not that expensive but is of good quality for my bulls eye league I shoot in. Once you open the link below, look on the left column tabs for Storage Box and clikc on Gun Ho. They are not of the quality of the Gun-Ho cases but with that being said they are a usable box and come with a ton of accessories. Would make a great entry level or back-up box for the price. I kinda wish I had waited for this one, though, because the box I got was a Gun Ho 5-gun model..which means I always feel that I can stick my three 2700 guns in there, plus my DR gun, plus another gun (currently a fun-gun in.

Shooter’s box blueprints needed Gear and Accessories. There’s a guy who shoots at my range who has one. Its a pretty interesting set-up. I have been looking everywhere and was only able to find a Gung Ho box for about 130. Thanks. Ok I have a 5 gun Gun-Ho shooting box but it only has 3 gun holders in it. The person that had it before me must have taken 2 slots out. Gun Ho brand pistol range case. Can hold four pistols and lots of gear. This one does not have the mount for a spotting scope. I don’t have keys for the chintzy little locks either.

Help! My Older 3 Gun Pistol Box Is No More!

gun ho range box 3I have a Gun Ho box, but kind of wish I would have got one of the aluminum Strong Case boxes. Up for sale: Like new Gun Ho 4 gun pistol box (commonly used by bullseye shooters, but great for organizing several pistols/revolvers for a trip to the range). FS: Gun Ho Pistol Range Box SOLD – AR15.Com Archive – AR15.COM.

Shooter’s Box Blueprints Needed