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My personal 3-gun Compact Bullseye box is almost completely MDF and is over 10 years old. Gun-Ho used a similar product to cover their boxes. Every competitor had a box with magazines, tools, spotting scope. What are these. Getting ready to go to bed, will post some links latter to current boxes. Every now and then you can find some of the Pachmayr and Gun-Ho boxes on eBay. I would also like and blueprints on a box that anyone can find. I have been looking everywhere and was only able to find a Gung Ho box for about 130.

gun ho shooters box 2I am looking for a range box for 3-4 pistols. Preferably made from aluminum. Strong Case LLC. creates cases for protecting a hunting rifle or bow, high-end camera equipment, a trade show presentation, a satellite phone or another special item, you can rest assured that your equipment will be caressed, coddled and otherwise given the royal treatment, courtesy of Strong Case LLC. Replacement Drawer for Gun-Ho Case, 117.00. 998801 Case contains a secure 3 handgun tray to hold your guns during transport, an adjustable spotting scope mount, magnetic strips to hold your extra. Shop Just About Everything for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors.

What kind of pistol box do you use for bullseye matches? I have a Gung Ho four gun box with a Clark scope mount. Some days I wish I had gotten the five gun box so that I could carry more stuff. Gun Box Winchester 101 410 Pigeon grade XTR. GunUp. Self-defense, target shooting & concealed carry focused. Applications Competitive Shooting I’m interested in buying a bullseye pistol range box. My friends have Pachmyer boxes Gun – Ho is an excellent pistol box.

Aluminum Pistol Range Box?

gun ho shooters box 3Auction:9625839 Mint condition, classic leather finish over wood, hinged gun,ammo and accessory carry box. Key lock. Essential for NRA shooting matches. I custom make these please feel free to review the jpeg attachment below. The ones I make are mainly used for competitive shooter and work great!. Anyone have any plans for a good pistol shooting box? I did find and Adjustable Scope Mount thingy thats used on the Gun Ho boxes. F/S Not surprising. Great gun box! I have the 5 gun model and have had it for the last 25 years. Mine is a little bulky but the 4 is just right. Blackhawk Joined: Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:06 amPosts: 795Location: Moscow, Idaho dxdog, I have one of the old style boxes, I believe it holds two pistols and has drawers for ammo and accessorys. The lid opens up and you can attach a spotting scope. I am looking for a range case like this 5 where I can get one? Those are huge with bullseyes shooters.

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