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I just purchased a 4 gun Gun-Ho pistol box and learned they are no longer being made. Same story with the 5 gun boxes. I contacted 4 retaillers and got the last one available from ChampionShooters. Gil Hebard and the Gung-Ho boxes are both top flight. I have a Gung-Ho box. It is alot-a years old now and still in great shape. Works nice. Strong Case LLC. creates cases for protecting a hunting rifle or bow, high-end camera equipment, a trade show presentation, a satellite phone or another special item, you can rest assured that your equipment will be caressed, coddled and otherwise given the royal treatment, courtesy of Strong Case LLC. When traveling to the pistol range there is only one model that can suit all of your needs, the Strong Range model. Replacement Drawer for Gun-Ho Case, 117.00.

gung ho pistol box 2WINCHESTER MOD 23 GRANDE CANADIAN 20 BOX & MANUAL. 1, 0, 80.00, 1d 5h +. 556487187 Winchester Gun Ho Over/under Case-Clean-NICE! I am looking for a range box for 3-4 pistols. Too much for me, so I’ll stick with the Gun Ho that I’ve had for the last 30 years or so, but for absolute protection and security you can’t do better than Strong. I have a Gung Ho four gun box with a Clark scope mount.

We offer a full pistol range as well as an indoor rifle range. IF FIREARM IS NOT IN A CASE OR CONTAINER, ACTION MUST BE LOCKED OPEN. PLATED RELOADED AMMUNITION PURCHASED FROM GUN HO RANGE ONLY. The set also included a G.I. Joe Logo music box. Gung Ho (v18) came with a black grenade launcher, a black pistol, a light blue backpack, a light blue vest, and a black display stand. OAFE reviews GI Joe 25th Anniversary Collection box set toys from Hasbro. Take, for instance, the gun holstered on his right leg or the bandolier around his chest – back in the day, those were just sculpted elements – today they’re separate pieces. Duke, Snake-Eyes and Gung-Ho have double knees, while Roadblock’s are single and Scarlett’s are balljoints.

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gung ho pistol box 3My Manhurin.32 is the only pistol that has the indicator and didn’t come with the tool. Good tidings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Found the darned thing it was in a wood box with some tools inside my range Gung-Ho pistol box, been there since Moby Dick was a minnow as we say in the NAVY, now all tools, manual and box are complete as they were originally in 1972!!!!!!!!! Gee just the plastic box sell for 35!! thanks guys Lou. I suppose I overlooked them because they were too obvious. And I tend to go all gung-ho when I shop for shit. The second reason the Dems are so gung-ho for gun control in 2016 is because of the vast sums of money that Mike Bloomberg’s bringing to the table. Sure, there has to be enough of that for the chattering classes, but for the most part it’s really just a bunch of hucksters, grifters, and opportunists vying for media time in order to manipulate poorly informed people they are worth coming out for and checking their name in the box at the next election.

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