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How to Hand-Scrape Wood Floors. Learn a time-honored technique for refinishing floors to a warm, mellow appearance. Story and photos by Ray Tschoepe. Why not strip the floor the old fashioned way with scrapers? Go up to a light source at eye level and hold the scraper tight up to your chest with one hand and using the file in the other hand practice filing the blade to the origional factory bevel, some floor mechanics like to round the edges ever so slightly to avoid gouging the wood. The best selection of cabinet scrapers, wood scrapers, floor scrapers and other scraper tools are available from Woodcraft. Add to Cart Wooden Scraper Holder.

hand scraper for wood floors 2Heavy duty and durable, each hand scraper is handcrafted and comes ready to scrape with a rolled hooked blade to create the perfect, hand hewn distressed look. Wood Scraper F4HD, 4-edge design is recommended for use in various paint application jobs and comes with 2 blades from The Home Depot. Just scraped an entire bedroom floor with one blade. What hand tools would be best for hand scraping a wooden floor? I’m thinking a plane for the protruding edges, a scraper plane (112 or L-N Large Scraper – I don’t own either:-)), and something to get close to the walls.

If you have an old home and want to take extra care when refinishing its wood floors, hand-scraping them is a great option. Here’s what it entails. On youtube I have seen people using these beautiful hand scrapers with hook-shaped handles and have convex (rounded) blades for more aggressive scraping. I’ve hand-scraped around five to seven old wood floors in my carpentry career. Find great deals on eBay for Wood Scraper in Woodworking Planes. VINTAGE STANLEY 82 CABINET SCRAPER OLD WOOD HAND TOOL ANTIQUE.

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Hello I am in search a a company I believe is in southern California. They sell Hand Scrapers for hand destressing hardwood floors. I am not looking for your average corner scraper. I hand scraped everything myself. It took forever. Black stain and gloss finish. Re: Hand Scrape Floor. I spent 3 solid months just scraping all the wood. All about Hand Scraped Hard Wood Floors and what you need to know before you buy. Years ago homeowners had to hire skilled contractors to actually scrape the flooring themselves by hand to achieve this coveted look and it was very difficult to find a contractor talented enough to recreate this worn and handscraped appearance realistically. How to Hand Scrape Hard Wood Floors. Hand scraping hardwood floors is the same as distressing them. It is a method making hardwood floors look older than they actually are. Our craftsmen gently scrape the edges of each board by hand. Dallas Hand Scraped Hard Wood Flooring Custom Installed and Finished in Place.

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A concise hand-scraped wood flooring guide complete with the benefits and costs associated with it. In the past, prior to installation of a hardwood floor, woodworkers would scrape the lumber by hand, with the help of a tool called a drawknife. Specializing in site finished, custom hand scraped and natural wood flooring installation and refinishing. I am putting new real hardwood floor in. I’ve actually hand scraped a badly beat up floor – carbide scraper to remove any loose finish or raised damage then cabinet scraper to smooth – and I sure as hell would have been in trouble if it had any noticeable ripple to it.

They are generally surprised when I answer a Hand Scraped floor. In a wide plank floor, a subtle or moderate scrape will disguise the expansion and contraction of the wood, as well as making the imperfections that arrive with kids and life less noticeable. Hand-scraped floors give a room a low-key, casual feel that may appeal if you’re looking for a non-conventional touch in your home.