Harbor Freight 56 Inch Tool Box Review Sample Plans PDF

Amazing deals on this 56In 11 Drawer Industrial Roller Cabinet at Harbor Freight. Conquer any job with 56 inches of industrial grade storage that was designed, tested, and built to last a lifetime in the garage. Top tool chest for the US General 11 Drawer Roller Cabinet. Lossy-red-roller-cabinet-top-chest-68787.html My first impression of the Husky. Hf chest has awesome reviews and I love mine. I highly recommend it.

harbor freight 56 inch tool box review 2Im in the market for a new tool box and im looking at the 72 inch us general tool box from harbor freight. It seems to be a fairly quality built peice and they have decent reviews. All HUGE money and then I came across the 44 inch wide multidrawered U.S. General tool box from Harbor Freight. Here’s the box in it’s home, you can see how small it makes the 56 International look. Roughly 6′, give or take an inch.

I though harbor freight only sold smaller chest and carts? Thanks for the reviews on HF I’ve been looking for a chest looks like I’ll go that way:D. Does anyone have a US General roll around tool box with a ball bearing drawer slides? What are your opinions of it? I’m. Got mine at Harbor Freight (harborfreight.com) and the user reviews were very positive and helpful. SAE & Metric Socket Set – 50 Piece; 3/8 Inch Drive. I’d love a real life review other than the HF website reviews.

What Tool Chest Would You Recommend?

I hate HF shit, but their tool boxes get awesome reviews on garagejournal. I replaced a Mac tools top and bottom with three of these and I feel like the harbor freight box is better quality. I think I would miss the full length drawer in my 56 tool chest. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my tool box set – have had my Craftsman top and bottom for over 30 years now and there’s not enough room any more. Steve, May we assume you’ve seen the Extreme and Montezuma boxes and reviews at www.garagejournal.com I was that close to ordering myself, but found great deal on used (like new) KRL1022 with SS Top for 3K. Net-67681.html. Going to Harbor Freight is like going to 1 beer night at a minor league baseball game. The 56 inch tool box looks really good for the money. I could probably never see spending big money on a snap on box. We told you about the Ryobi Garage Door Opener, now it’s time to test and perform a Ryobi Garage Door Opener Review. Harbor Freight tool chest 928 Forum. Check out the review and links of the new BIG 72 HF box, 1600. Click the button on your keychain and the drawers unlock and pop open about two inches. 10-17-2009, 09:56 PM. Does anyone have one of these tool chests or the 56 or that matter? -by-sizes/montezuma-41-inch-toolboxes/montezuma-tool-boxes-41-11-drawer-tool-cabinet.html. Ok Guys who here has used or owns a US General tool box? Either the 44 or the 52-56 Box looks like a good quality box but you never know.

What Tool Chest Would You Recommend?

Name, 56 in., 11 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet. After some internet reviews on tool boxes, there seems to be plenty to stay away from. I looked at Homak, Craftsman, Waterloo, Husky, Harbor Freight brand, and Kobalt. I went to Harbor Freight and played around with the box and to me it looks like the locks can break very easy.