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General pattern of stumpage prices and grade shifts for hardwood timber of different diameters. USDA Forest Service data shows the net growth in board feet per acre per year for different age classes and different site productivity classes averaged across all timberland in Pennsylvania (Table 2). Just bought 10 acres of forest land. No intentions of logging it, but if I did what would it be worth? Mixed timber, mostly hardwood, the pines that are on it are huge. Does 150.00 per truck load of pine logs sound reasonable? I have 151+/- acres of planted LobLolly Pines in Bulloch County, GA.

hardwood timber prices per acre 2The difference in price per 1,000 bd ft between the twenty and fifty year cut is due mainly to two factors – the fifty year cut will produce larger trees requiring less time spent cutting, skidding, loading, and transporting logs to the mill. Timber prices per board foot vary, based on which log rule is used to estimate timber volume. Major products produced from hardwood trees include pulpwood, sawlogs, and veneer logs (also known as grade or export logs). Landowners who received professional forestry assistance before harvesting timber averaged 23 percent more income per acre, received a 64 percent higher price per board foot, and had a projected income stream from future sales of 120 percent more as a result of improved regeneration and stocking (see the section entitled A Consumer’s Guide to Consulting Foresters ). Given that disclaimer, Bloomberg shows the price at 360.70 per 1000 board foot.

Is it in the range of selling prices at 1250 to 1400 per acre? How much can my timber be worth? Timber prices can vary greatly from tract to tract. Based on our past sales data, the average clearcut timber value per acre is around 1,600 per acre. It is more difficult to look to the future, but there are numerous long-term trends that support private investment in timberland and hardwoods in particular.

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hardwood timber prices per acre 3Timber value within the buffer can be estimated either by using the average value of the harvest sale for that tract OR from a professional timber cruise of the timber in the buffer area. Have 2 parcels – one is 77 acres, mostly mature pines, a little thin in number, so forester and I have decided to cut and replant about half of it this year and the other half in 2-3 years so as not to have a monoculture, and to increase total return over the years by replanting at proper densities and beginning another harvest cycle. Sawtimber prices are listed as several dollars per ton more than I’ve been offered. Hardwood pulp is the only thing holding any value right now, down here. Some hardwoods, some oaks, which I will not allow to be cut, and some others. I just wonder how much I could get per acre? Not seeing the land it is almost impossible to give any kind of approximate value to your timber. It is more common in the area for timber buyers to simply approach a landowner and make an offer based on a guess by the buyer as to an amount that they are sure will make them a profit. Another ten acres of storm damaged red cedar was harvested and a number of larger mature hardwood trees were harvested from fencerows and edges of fields. Estimating the value of a tree while it’s still standing is a challenging task. The numbers in the timber pricing report are per 1,000 board feet. Their is a lot of oak trees.but not sure what kind of oak.it’s 125 acres how much do u think I would have to take to do that. On a poor site, there might be a half dozen or fewer valuable trees per acre. Tree value conversion standards for hardwood sawtimber. USDA For. Serv. Res.

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