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The Pennsylvania Woodlands’ Timber Market Report gives prices paid in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for standing timber (stumpage) and for logs delivered to sawmills during the current quarter of the current year. Exports have not increased as was forecast but its seems domestic hardwood lumber demand is picking up somewhat. Please note when reading these prices to take into account the number of samples. Historic quarterly price data for standing timber across North Carolina from Forest-2-Market is reported on a quarterly basis from third quarter 2005 to fourth quarter 2014. The data includes average prices by region for pine and hardwood sawtimber, pine chip-n-saw, pine and hardwood pulpwood, red and white oak sawtimber, and yellow poplar sawtimber This information is available in pdf file format and are available free for downloading. Summarized timber price information specific to Arkansas is provided by Timber Mart-South. These prices represent statewide averages for pine and hardwood timber products. These are stumpage prices, which reflect the value of standing timber (not delivered prices).

hardwood timber prices 2Hardwood timber production is the process of managing stands of deciduous trees to maximize woody output. The production process is not linear because other factors must be considered, including marketable and non-marketable goods, financial benefits, management practices, and the environmental implications of those management practices. Forests include market and non-market products. Marketable products include goods that have a market price. Survey and Report of Quarterly Market Prices for Timber Products in the Southeast. Five major products, pine and hardwood, see sample. See also sample Summary Report and State Report. Georgia Timber Prices. Product Descriptions. HARDWOOD SAWTIMBER. product-hardwood-sawtimber2. HARDWOOD SAWTIMBER. Hardwood sawtimber is made up of grade logs from red oak, white oak, ash and generally poplar.

English and European oak, elm, ash, cherry and chestnut solid hardwood timber prices. High quality and rich in colour and texture. Please call for a quote. Visitors to our timber and log price information on the web page are often looking for answers to two simple questions: What is my timber worth?, and What’s the best way to sell my trees? Below we talk about how to answer these questions. It can be more costly per unit of wood removed to cut only a few, selected trees, rather than cut most or all trees in the stand. Timber prices in the South were stable in March/April 2015; though wide discrepancies can be found between regions. The highest pine sawtimber prices can be found in the West, while the highest hardwood sawtimber prices can be found in both the Central and West regions.

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hardwood timber prices 3Price list for logs and/or timber accepted at Hawkins Sawmill located in Isle, MN. Hardwood accepted are Oak, Maple, Ash, Birch, Basswood, and Aspen. Determining timber prices for your sawmill will depend on the going rate for the forest product you are making minus expenses and profit. Workers at the Carson Sawmill prepare wood – Bruce Bennett/Getty Images Sport/Getty. Find the average prices of wood products worldwide. Fordaq shows you the wood price index for a broad range of wood products. Pallets, Packaging and Packaging Timber Sawn Timber Pallets and Packaging Veneer and Panels. Yes, as hard to believe as it may sound, hardwood timber markets have rebounded on a strengthening lumber market and landowners are.

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