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As travel has evolved over time, so have travel cases from classic Pullmans for steamers and sturdy trunks for train cabins to the sleek carry-ons for today’s jetliners. Known as Wardrobe Trunks or Traveling Wardrobes, these trunks are some of the largest and heaviest ever made and are designed to stand on end for packing or open use. If your trunk has a wardrobe section with a top that opens then you may want to open it first, giving you even easier access to the hangers. Wonderful Antique Hartmann Gibraltarized Wardrobe Trunk from 1930s, Front Open. This was one of hartmann’s top steamer trunks.All cloth is complete and not torn.Mild discoloration and tearing on the cloth see pictures. 19172838572.

hartmann cushion top wardrobe steamer trunk 2The trunk shows normal signs of wear and tear for it’s age. This would make a great dress-up wardrobe. Vintage wardrobe steamer trunk from the early 1900’s, the Cushion Top by Hartmann Trunk Company of Racine, Wisconsin. Hartmann was well known for these trunks, the first to keep clothes hangers in place to prevent wrinkling of clothing. Antique Hartmann Gibraltarized Trunk Cushion Top Amazing antique Hartmann Wardrobe trunk. Gibraltarized, Cushion Top (don’t know what that means, but is sounds.

Find great deals on for wardrobe steamer trunk and vintage lighter. Shop with confidence. Cushion Top Wardrobe Trunk made in Racine Wisconsin USA. Wardrobe trunks are basically like a mobile clothes dresser and closet. The largest makers of wardrobe trunks were companies in Wisconsin, including Hartmann, Wheary, Oshkosh, and others. The early trunk catalogs from the 1880’s through the 1930’s showed and described steamer trunks as the low style flat top trunks which were designed to fit under berths on steamships.

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41 VTG HARTMANN STEAMER WARDROBE TRUNK CUSHION TOP GIBRALTARIZED VUITTON STYLE Ver ms sobre Troncos, Armarios y Cojines. See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Vintage Wardrobe Steamer Trunk collection. VTG Hartmann XXX Cushion Top Steamer Wardrobe Trunk Complete Interior 1920’s. Eatonia blue steamer trunk with brass accents. Measures 36 long 21 high and 20 wide. Langmuir Hartmann cushion top wardrobe trunk.made in canada(label) has monogrammed initials. Find steamer trunk ads from Sydney Region, NSW. Beautiful rare antique Hartmann cushion-top traveling wardrobe trunk circa 1920s. Steamer trunk, Hartmann cushion top wardrobe complete, no key, opens okay. Nice condition for age, very old, all handles present, part of main lock. Antique Hartmann Cushion Top Wardrobe Steamer Trunk. Two (2) original Hartmann labels on the exterior of the trunk include: Hartmann Cushion top Wardrobe Trunks and Gibraltarized.

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