Hartmann Wardrobe Trunks Sample Plans PDF

Antique Hartmann Tourobe Wardrobe Trunk Luggage Case. George Herman Babe Ruth travels extensively overseas to promote baseball with a Hartmann Cushion Top Wardrobe Trunk in tow. Hartmann was founded in 1877 by Joseph S. Hartmann, a Bavarian trunk-maker, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hartmann has been making exquisitely crafted luggage, travel cases and fine leather goods for over 135 years.

hartmann wardrobe trunks 2Known as Wardrobe Trunks or Traveling Wardrobes, these trunks are some of the largest and heaviest ever made and are designed to stand on end for packing or open use. Like the tote inside too!!!41 VTG HARTMANN STEAMER WARDROBE TRUNK CUSHION TOP GIBRALTARIZED VTG RARE A+! Wish I could afford this! Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that I have found a prime example of a Hartmann Gibraltarized Panama Wardrobe Trunk from the 1920s like the one pictured in this trade book from 1922.

Question – I inherited a Hartmann Steamer trunk, Gibraltarized, Langmuir. Belber made loads of suitcases and wardrobe trunks, starting before the turn of the last century. The people who really know Hartmann stuff know it inside and out. Founded in 1877 by Joseph S. Hartmann, the Hartmann Company still exists today and remains one of the nation’s finest producers of trunks and leather goods.

Wardrobe Trunks

hartmann wardrobe trunks 3Founded in 1877 by Joseph S. Hartmann, Hartmann Inc. specialized in luxury luggage. The wardrobe trunk became popular during the Industrial Revolution, when travel was dominated by the railroad. A Hartmann metal frame wardrobe trunk from the 1930s. Wardrobe trunks generally have five drawers on one side, and a place to hang items on the other side. A further objeet of the present invention is to provide a Wardrobe trunk of the aforementioned charaeter including spring means overlying the lower guides for yieldingly retaining portions of the frames that are slidable on the lower guides against the lower guides.

I Inherited A Hartmann Steamer Trunk, Gibraltarized, Langmuir