Height Of Upper Cabinets Above Countertop Sample Plans PDF

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Distance between countertop and upper cabinets: 18 inches 2. Upper cabinet depth: 12 inches3. Lower cabinet depth: 24 inches4. Countertop height: 36 inches6. Kickspace: 4 inches high, 3 inches deepShown: Custom Colonial door in white-painted plywood; available from Signature Custom Cabinetry. We packed out the wall making it flush and even then put drywall over top. Reply. Try taping a cardboard box to the wall at both heights, to get a sense of how it would work for you. We already plan on cabinets to the ceeling and if he lowered most of the cabinets, one he couldn’t lower is the one above the refrigerator and so it would look a little silly. Cabinet Height above Workbench General Garage Discussion. In a kitchen setting, I believe cabinets are set 18 inches above counter height (which in a kitchen is normally 36 inches high).

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Cabinetry Rules Of Thumb

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Cabinetry Rules Of Thumb