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Add kitchen storage to a small space using an IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet. Maybe 2 or 3 right up against each other to make a long cabinet look. I don’t see much practical advice here for uses other than shoes. Ikea Hemnes Cabinet can be used for so many other things besides shoe storage! It’s a great storage solution for small narrow areas!

hemnes shoe cabinet other uses 2Ikea wins again with the Hemnes four-compartment shoe cabinet. The other side of the entry was the perfect size for an IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet. I seriously love this cabinet so much. It holds all of our shoes (outside of a few pairs at the back door). We found the shoe storage unit at Ikea and decided the investment was worth every penny since we had gone years without any solution, and wanted something that was going to last through the rest of our time in this house. The insides are well ventilated and there is no backing to it other than the wall, so I think that helps as well!Thanks!xoxo,Jen.

The design of the shoe cabinet is the perfect solution for my narrow hallway. The solution with 2 IKEA HEMNES Shoe Cabinets was featured in last years IKEA Catalogue. Source. Four Lack tables stacked on to of each other serve as a perfect corner shelf. Hemnes shoe cabinet looks so elegant in the hallway! A while ago I posted about the shoe cabinet with a slim profile that fits lots more shoes than you would expect based off its depth. Someone somewhere along the line mistook the product for IKEA’s HEMNES shoe cabinet, an understandable error given their likeness. The other day I decided I was officially done with the debacle and set about to solve the mystery once and for all.

Small Space Organization: Hemnes 4 Compartment Shoe Cabinet

We made our entryway storage from METOD kitchen cabinets: Materials: 1 Metod high cabinet (200 60 37) with no legs 3 Metod. Material: Hemnes shoe cabinet 601.561.21 We expanded our bathroom by stealing space from our foyer coat closet. My husband uses one of the top ones as a drop station when he comes home for things like his wallet. There are lots of good options out there for shoe cabinets, it seems. Another aspect of this shoe cabinet that has us sold, was the depth of it. I still am on the lookout for a pretty dish for catching keys, but other than that, we are loving the clean look. We got a Hemnes for our entryway but our base boards are so tall and thick that it didn t work. Installation of an Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet in our front entry. We were less concerned with the amount of shoes the new cabinet could hold since we still have the other two in our bedroom closet, but it still holds a decent amount. Right now you can probably guess who uses this cabinet the most (ME.) but I’m planning to make it a rule for Paige as she gets older to always put her shoes away! The closest Ikea to us is about 1.

The Bespoke Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

It is a product designed for use in a living room and other interiors. This media stand is made of wood composite. It’s super flexible, fits the space better than any other option, and IKEA will probably always sell it, which is good to know in case I ever need more shelves. I always thought I was gonna buy the HEMNES shoe cabinet, but this one holds more shoes and I like the cleaner look of it. Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies from WordPress.com and selected partners. Ikea HEMNES Shoe cabinet with 4 compartments, black-brown 80.