Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks Sample Plans PDF

For hidden compartments, liquor cabinets, knife drawers, etc., an invisible locking latch is ideal. This unique lock is operated by a magnet embedded in a knob that is both a key and a pull. The Magnetic lock keeps cabinets and drawers off limits to curious children while the SecurTech visual indicator shows you when the device is correctly locked. Just install on a drawer or cabinet door and swipe the included magnetic key on the outside to lock or unlock the inner sliding latch. A very simple and non-obvious solution to drawer security It’s still in the development phase over at Quirky. Air Vent Hidden Safe Details.

hidden magnetic cabinet locks 2Covert Is A Hidden Universal Lock For Drawers And Cabinet Doors. When opening, simply put your magnetic key by the door and slide it to open the latch. I’m also interested in hidden/secret compartments. A lock. I’m very interested in magnetic looks. The kind that open when a magnet is placed in a certain location. I know places build cabinets, shelves, table, etc with this type of stuff but the cost is astronomical. To open the cabinet, simply hold the magnetic key (63172, sold separately) against the cabinet door to disengage the lock. Chose this type of lock due to it being hidden behind the door and face frame, and it ease of use.

We’ve shown you some clever ways to hide your valuables, but this secret compartment, built into the back of an IKEA LACK floating shelf, takes the cake. 2015 Nordson150lbs Magnetic door lock for small cabinet Hidden magnetic lock( NE-80 ). StealthLock by CompX Timberline is the first keyless, invisible cabinet locking system for wood cabinetry.

Covert Is A Hidden Universal Lock For Drawers And Cabinet Doors

Secret Locks and Compartments, Woodworking Magic Tricks. Check out the following video to see how James Vavra over at Artistry in Wood added a simple magnet to transform a beautiful, but otherwise unassuming box, into a secret locking box. I put a secret drawer in the back of the large drawer in a file cabinet. Featuring cabinet locks of all types including pin tumbler locks, disc tumbler locks, cam locks, plunger locks, ratchet showcase locks and more. Rev-A-Shelf Rev-A-Lock Magnetic Cabinet Lock – (White). 8.75. This system uses a magnetic key to disable locks installed inside cabinets and drawers. Inner-cabinet installation keeps locks concealed, preserving cabinet and drawer aesthetics. Quirky’s Invisible Drawer Locks Only Open With a Magnetic Key. Hideaway magnetic locking system ideal for cabinets and drawers. Keep children safe and drawers and cabinets organized by installing our hidden magnetic locks. Looking for a simple alternative to mechanical catches? Woodworker s Hardware offers magnetic catches that are easy-to-install and are available with a variety of features like corrosion resistance and cover caps for an invisible look. Our collection of magnetic cabinet catch hardware comes available in pull strengths up to 19 pounds.

Build A Secret, Magnetic Safe Inside Of An Ikea Floating Shelf

Free 1-2 day shipping at 49+, great prices & 365-day return policy. Buy Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks at Diapers.com. Keep cabinets and drawers off limits to curious little ones with the 9-piece complete magnetic locking system.Simply install the lock inside cabinet or drawer and then use the powerful magnetic key to. E2 – Hidden Panel-Latching Systems (20). MP – Polar Magnetic Deadbolt Latch (4). I wish to build a secret compartment using a nightstand. I looked into getting a baby safe magnetic lock; however, those are designed to be placed on the drawer and are unlocked by placing a magnet on the drawer you wish to pull out. These locks only work if the magnetic part is on the door part of the the drawer/cabinet.