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Solidsteel – S3 Series Modular Audio Rack Category: Furniture, Equipment Racks, Best-Selling Equipment. Availability: Ships 5/12/2016, Price: 649.00. AV Racks, Home Theater Seating, HDTV Mounts and More. For those consumers packing high end amps, preamp and other electronics having a stable rack is key to audio and video success. Here are featured stands items for sale. Buy with ease on the largest high-end audio marketplace.

high end audio rack 2High End Audio Racks Prologue Rack: High End Audio Rack. High End Audio Racks. High End Amp Stand High End Audio Racks. Amp-Stand-Viewer. Berkeley Audio Design, D-A converters. Billy Bags, audio racks. Box Furniture, high quality wood audio shelves. Critical Mass Systems crafts high-performance vibration mitigation systems for high-end audio. Critical Mass Systems racks are not isolation systems as they do not prevent the transmission of vibration.

High-end electronic components are typically deeper and heavier than standard components. Professional Audio gear is usually rack-mounted and requires an industry compliant cabinet frame to support the components. The supporting board of audio components intends first to connect the component to a static and steady physical reference and second to be itself as neutral as possible. As soon as the life is killed by poor sounding audio racks, tonal balance remains the only thing that can be dicussed, unfotunately. They really do wonders to the appearance of you speakers (or rack), and yes, they are perfect for use with high-end audio racks. Whether it’s a speaker or a rack, the improvement in audio quality is very noticeable.

Prologue Equipment Rack & Amp Stands

HRS high performance audio stands are designed to make your equipment look great, provide excellent performance, and have a modular engineering architecture that can adjust to your system needs. HRS products are designed to individually make a significant improvement in the performance of a high end audio or video system. Our product range consists of three audio stand series: Signature, Reference and Statement. Tandem series racks have been displayed and tested in numerous international High-End Audio exhibitions, around the globe, over the years. Silent Running Audio designs and builds custom hi end audio Isolation Systems, isoBASE, that isolate vibrations found in most any electronic equipment, audio equipment, or video equipment. Silent Running Audio, premier builders of custom high-end audio isolation products. Silent Running Audio Craz 4 Reference isoRack plus Equipment Rack Read Review. Isolation platforms and hifi racks from the leaders in the sound control industry. The Audiophile BetaBase is a highly attractive, high-quality hi-fi support. Technology to combat the detrimental effects of vibration energy on Audio and Home Cinema Equipment. Then at the other end of the scale is the QuattraBase Support for much larger equipment, therefore ever expanding the range to a widening audience of music and film lovers. Sound Momentum is an innovative company that design and built high performance acoustic treatment accessories that are able to control the problematic sound waves, without the usual negative side effect of modifying and/or colouring the original signal that is coming from your sound system. Our audio rack are built using carefully selected materials.

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