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High-end audio racks, equipment racks, platforms and bases for your hi-fi and stereo. Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS). Read More. Silent Running Audio (SRA). AV Racks, Home Theater Seating, HDTV Mounts and More. Designed for the needs of the home theater users, this robustly built equipment can handle the weight and heat issues that come from a high end audio or home theater system. Buy with ease on the largest high-end audio marketplace. BBS AUDIO RACK SYSTEMS BBS-3 3 SHELF SYSTEM MADE IN USA. Available in any color – Anodized! – Hundreds of Satisfied Clients!BBS – Aviation Grade Aluminum – Tops all other Rack Systems.

high end audio rack system 2High-end electronic components are typically deeper and heavier than standard components. Professional Audio gear is usually rack-mounted and requires an industry compliant cabinet frame to support the components. Active cooling system may be necessary to keep equipment running at an optimal temperature. Is there really that much vibration taking place throughout the equipment rack to cause enough disturbance of the electronic components to make a noticeable difference in sound or is the whole equipment rack concept another one of those high end audio world snake oil treatments?. I guess I justify spending more on cables because I’ve done more experimenting with cables in my system than I have with, say, audio racks. HRS high performance audio stands are designed to make your equipment look great, provide excellent performance, and have a modular engineering architecture that can adjust to your system needs. HRS products are designed to individually make a significant improvement in the performance of a high end audio or video system.

KANSO Audio Furniture – design and manufacture of HiFi audio equipment stands. Too often, high end rack systems parlay steel and glass into an austere presence in the listening environment. BBS Audio Racks, the total isolation audio racks, BBS Audio Racks. Welcome to the future of high end resonance isolation racks systems.

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High-end audio racks, equipment racks, platforms and bases for your hi-fi and stereo. A photo montage of. Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS). Read More. Custom Stereo High End Audio Racks, Amp Stands,Speaker Stands and Isolation Platforms made from Pennsylvania Hard Woods. Hi Fi Racks rack system is solid, very nicely finished and designed audio rack for any music lover and audiophile. Krell produces high-end audio products exclusively; it has never bent to market trends by producing low-quality products that are not in line with the company s mission. AZINDUS offers a high-quality, technically-superior rack mounting system for your audio-video components. High end audio rack system high end crystal high end audio shelf system high end audio cabinet furniture high end audio cabinet high end audio racks and stan.

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