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High-end audio racks, equipment racks, platforms and bases for your hi-fi and stereo. Audiophile’s Guide: Audio Equipment Racks, Stands, and Platforms. High-end electronic components are typically deeper and heavier than standard components. Professional Audio gear is usually rack-mounted and requires an industry compliant cabinet frame to support the components. Our keen attention to the smallest details, result in a heightened Audio Visual experience. We’ve discovered that stands, shelves and the enclosure of a component are major contributors to vibrations.

high end audio/visual racks 2Is there really that much vibration taking place throughout the equipment rack to cause enough disturbance of the electronic components to make a noticeable difference in sound or is the whole equipment rack concept another one of those high end audio world snake oil treatments?. I’ve thought about placing some sort of thick wood stands under the speakers as another possibility to try in the future to maybe give me an extra layer of dampening at the source. You can blame Casey McKee for this one. I found myself sitting next to Casey, who works at Brooklyn high-end dealer Innovative Audio (footnote 1), in the Phoenix rain last March, watching the first Formula One Grand Prix of the 1990 season. Isolate your rack, speakers or speaker stands with a set of Nordost Sort Fut.

Now available at High-End Palace custom made Billy Bags stands. New custom made racks made to your exact specifications with stunning selection of finishes. Symbol audio lp storage audio equipment rack furniture high end audio component rack stand or shelf wanted photo images. Furniture From Wood. 2 walnut audio rack audio equipment rack furniture table top speaker stands. Furniture From Wood.

Benefits Of Using A Heavy Equipment Rack For Audio Gear

Krell produces high-end audio products exclusively; it has never bent to market trends by producing low-quality products that are not in line with the company s mission. The stands easily support components from all manufacturers. Audio / Video Rack. VTI offers a wide range of Audio / Video Rack products with elegance and style. VTI offers high quality speaker stands with cast iron base. One of the most common restrictive aspects of enjoying high-end audio are stands or racks with a lack of generous space. HIGH-END shelves, with a width of either 48cm or 51cm and a depth of either 40cm or 55cm provide enough space to accommodate large power amplifiers and other quality components. If you are audiophile looking for good basic high-performance stands for your speakers take a look a. Sound Anchor Custom Signature Stands are special souped-up versions of our hi-performance 3 and 4 Po. Core Audio Designs is a manufacturer of high-end intelligent audiophile furniture and accessories.

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