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We conducted a blind tasting of 16 of the best available boxed wine (8 white, 8 red). With one exception, US-made box wines are sweeter and fruitier than box wines imported from Europe. 75 different box wines tasted to bring you the very best! And last but not least, box wine puts an end to worries about cork taint which affects a surprising number of bottles.

high end boxed wine 2Most boxed wines contain three liters of juice (the equivalent of four 750ml bottles), and the packaging allows the wine inside to remain fresh for several weeks (a big plus when you just want a glass, instead of an entire bottle). But consumers, he said, seemed to think that the high price required a more elegant vessel. In the high-end wine market, collectors are often chasing the most expensive, most famous or highest-rated wines, but every once in a while, a person like Glenn follows his own palate prices be damned.

Ladies, if the thought of showing up at a party or a picnic with a box of wine seems a little gauche, there’s now a product for you: Vernissage’s bag-in-a-bag of wine. Turns out that Europeans, who typically drink quality wine, have been drinking high-end boxed wine for years. Box wine gets a bad rap, but is it deserved? If you’re still squeamish on the concept of tapping the box the next time your glass is empty, North Carolina-based Boxxle produces a patent-pending, three-liter dispenser for boxed wine that effectively camouflages the corrugated cube as high-end kitchen hardware.

5 Boxed Wines That Don’t Suck

High-end boxed wine may seem like a complete oxymoron, but there are great wines today being made in all kinds of unconventional packaging now – boxes, tetrapaks, tubes and more!. This Bota Box wine, as well as several of its competitors like my current favorite Banrock Station, is some really good stuff. Weird cleaning supplies, packages of garbage bags, half-filled bottles of high-end tequila and half-filled tanks of helium from birthday parties. Our Story: The inspiration for Black Box Wines came from Europe – where discerning wine enthusiasts know and enjoy their wine. It turns out that Europeans have been drinking high end boxed wine for decades. 2 Sommeliers Taste All of Franzia’s Classy Boxed Wines. It’s rich and round, full of dark fruit, and has some grip on the back-end from tannins. Within the decade premium wineries and bottlers began packaging their own high-quality boxed wine, including French rabbit, Bandit Wines, Octavin, Target, and hundreds of others. By highlighting a few more of the good box wines out there and praising the packaging format, people like Cappiello can help remove the stigma of the box, which would be more informative than just LOLing about how bad box wine is for the millionth time. No More Shame: Boxed Wine Now Comes In A High-End Fashion Purse NPR Salt blog.

No More Shame: Boxed Wine Now Comes In A High-end Fashion Purse

Boxed wine has all kinds of advantages, including environmental, cost and convenience. The jug wine was economical and very high end wine; an oxymoron I guess. High End Wine and Event Gifts. Our wine gift boxes are tastefully decorative and come in 2, 3 and 6-bottle sizes. Choose a gift box set based on price and your selection will include a superb mix of our red and white wines that are sure to please your most discerning recipient. BiBoVino is a French company revolutionizing the boxed wine market by selling Premium Wine in Beautiful Boxes.