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Electronic components vary widely. High-end electronic components are typically deeper and heavier than standard components. Professional Audio gear is usually rack-mounted and requires an industry compliant cabinet frame to support the components. Welcome to Timbernation Home of Custom made HI-End Audio Stereo Racks,Isolation Platforms, Amp Stands,Speaker Stands and many other items. Do you want a High-End Audio Rack that will last a lifetime and made by a real Craftsman? AV Racks, Home Theater Seating, HDTV Mounts and More. Sanus is best known for their HDTV mounts but their stunningly well-made home theater equipment racks are getting attention from all over the world of high end AV. For those consumers packing high end amps, preamp and other electronics having a stable rack is key to audio and video success.

high end stereo cabinets 2One of the most common restrictive aspects of enjoying high-end audio are stands or racks with a lack of generous space. HIGH-END shelves, with a width of either 48cm or 51cm and a depth of either 40cm or 55cm provide enough space to accommodate large power amplifiers and other quality components. Blu-ray player, and other gear? Learn about the terms used to describe audio/video furniture, including key. Billy Bags, audio racks. Box Furniture, high quality wood audio shelves.

High End Stereo Racks. Finds all information about High End Stereo Racks in different sites and blog basing on the search criteria you’ve entered – Searchkita.edusite.me. Standout Designs crafts gorgeous media consoles, TV stands, and TV consoles in the USA using solid wood. Superb quality, style & AV features make us stand out. The corner cabinets are available in nine different styles, including 20-inch- and 30-inch-high versions and a 30-inch-high version with grillework designed to conceal a center-channel speaker. They have even introduced end, couch, coffee and other tables to match their audio visual consoles.


high end stereo cabinets 3Wayne Jones AUDIO – High Powered, High End Bass Cabinets, Stereo Valve Bass Pre-Amp & Hi Fi Studio Monitors. Bass guitar speakers. Powered Bass Cabinets. Find high-quality AV cabinets by famous designers and manufacturers on Architonic. See here for more information about our designer AV cabinets. ADDING FLOOR SPIKES TO YOUR SPEAKER CABINET IS ONE OF THE EASIEST AND LEAST EXPENSIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO IMPROVE THE OVERALL SOUND OF YOUR SYSTEM. They really do wonders to the appearance of you speakers (or rack), and yes, they are perfect for use with high-end audio racks. If you’ve got a few hundred grand burning a hole in your Prada slacks, a high-end audio show is the place for you. The whole speaker cabinet is crafted from extruded aluminum, and the walls are a full half-inch thick. Das kleine High-End-Rack mit den Klangeigenschaften des Big Reference. No other manufacturer of high-end racks can currently offer such a perfected system. Media Cabinets TV stands & Entertainment Centers: Add a touch style to your living room.

High End Stereo Racks

The seeds of specialty and high-end audio began at the end of World War Two and gained momentum with the end of the Korean War. These systems were generally expensive with more focus on the wood cabinets than the components inside. In case you answered positively, perhaps you should take a look at the stereo racks and stands that are shown in this collection. The construction of this stereo cabinet is created of manufactured wood. High-End Stereo Rack by Spectral. High end audio by USA Tube Audio in Scottsdale Arizona provides high end stereo sound equipment featuring quality brands, tube amplifiers and stereo systems. BBS Audio Racks, the total isolation audio racks, BBS Audio Racks. Answer to Samanca Cabinets makes custom wooden cabinets for high-end stereo systems from specialty woods. The company uses a job-o.

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