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To shine up your smooth cabinets, paint a high-gloss clear acrylic varnish over your final coat to add depth and effect a glassy finish. Here are a few of our favorite faux finishes that can spice up your kitchen’s style. Give your kitchen a whole new look by painting your old wood cabinets. High-gloss enamel paint was once the preferred finish for kitchen cabinets because it resists stains and water and is easily cleaned, but today’s water-based finishes are easier to work with and provide an equally durable finish. A new coat of paint can make worn, tired kitchen cabinets look new again. High-gloss enamel paint was once the preferred finish for kitchen cabinets because it resists stains and water and is easily cleaned, but today’s water-based finishes are easier to work with and provide an equally durable finish.

high gloss paint kitchen cabinets 2How I Painted my Kitchen Cabinets (in a nutshell). For me the key was using a very high gloss paint it made all the drips and splatters easy to wipe off! Sadowsky cites the example of refinishing kitchen cabinetry, a popular choice among homeowners today, which results in another advantage: cost savings. If a client wants high-gloss painted cabinets to look like they’ve been machine-sprayed and hard-finished, painting is a lot less costly, she notes. High gloss finishes entered the realm of kitchen cabinetry several years ago via the top European design houses. The classic approach to high gloss is to simultaneously apply paint and a high gloss lacquer to wood cabinets.

Shiny kitchen cabinets with a colorful high-gloss finish are back in style. It’s possible to refinish wood cabinets with high-gloss paint, but it takes a lot of work to achieve a glass-like sheen. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: 5 Tips from a Master Painter. September 25, 2015 11:00 AM. Semigloss, gloss, or satinthe harder the finish the better. Discover thousands of images about High Gloss Paint on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.

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high gloss paint kitchen cabinets 3How to Paint Oak Cabinets That Have High Gloss Shine. Enamal Paint; How to Paint Over Striped Wallpaper; How to Repaint White Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets. Houzz.com – High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet design ideas and photos. Painting over glazed kitchen cabinets is a task that most people can accomplish without hiring a professional, as long as they are willing to put a little time and effort into the project. Then a good primer coat can be applied, along with the high gloss paint. Start with the high/medium grit and just sand everything off. Satin paint has less sheen than semi-gloss (what you would normally use) and therefore shows less imperfections. I have a friend who’s designer made a very sleek euro looking kitchen with MDF cabinet doors. The finish on them is a high gloss paint. For this job, we used Benjamin Moore’s Impervo semi-gloss paint. Paint the flat areas with a high-density foam roller or with a high-quality bristle brush.

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I prefer a medium gloss (such as semigloss or eggshell) for kitchen cabinets, though high gloss hold up well. Avoid using flat paint on kitchen cabinet, since it doesn’t clean as well. We painted our kitchen cabinets as part of our recent kitchen makeover (which you can see more of here). Paint – Oil based OR 100 acrylic latex, semi-gloss or gloss. If you can, try to use a primer labeled high build or sandable. The interior design firm of Vanillawood recently posted this kitchen that the cabinets were painted in automotive paints for a high gloss awesome white lacquer look:. Hands down the easiest way to DIY Painting Kitchen cabinets white! Yes, I think you can paint over high gloss with chalk paint, but you may want to ask BB Frosch just in case.

Polyurethane finishes form a coating on the kitchen cabinet surface and can be applied over the wood, stain, or a paint wash. These high-gloss kitchen cabinet surfaces aren’t recommended if you have young children in your household; toy automobiles, tricycles, and other mobile items can easily chip the cabinetry. Possibly but not recommended – the high gloss is an issue. If you want to proceed with your project, the cabinets need to be sanded with 150-180 grit sandpaper before attempting to apply the Gel Stain. Latex Paint for Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Series 1. Some people love a glossy finish (semi-gloss or high-gloss), and some prefer and satin or matte finish. A new coat of latex paint can brighten up your kitchen cabinets for a lot less money than it would take to refinish them professionally, and you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself. I was worried about getting a high-gloss paint because of brush strokes showing more easily with the reflected light, but I liked the idea of the cabinets being really easy to wipe clean with a semi-gloss finish. If you’ve looked at the price of kitchen cabinets lately then you know they can get costly fast. Advance currently is available in both a satin and high-gloss finish, but the high-gloss will show more imperfections.