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Her friends’ cries of delight are soon drowned out however, by the guys discovering the walk-in fridge filled with bottles of Heineken. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube. As a major player in the beer-producing market, Heineken launches this. The next scene shows the hostess surprises her friends with the walk-in closet filled with clothes and shoes and immediately the friends shrieked in exhilaration. Do you remember the Heineken Man Cave commercial where a wife shows her gal pals her awesome shoe closet and they all start screaming in excitement, and on the other side of the house you hear her husband and his friends doing the same thing over his Heineken Beer Closet?

his and her closets heineken 2Box Office. His and Hers Closets from Heineken Commercial. Quote Reply Topic: Heineken: Beer closet Posted: 31 Mar 2009 at 5:01am this commercial starts out with a women showing her girlfriends a hidden shoe closet then they scream in joy then a guy shows his guys a hidden beer closet and they go all nuts. As they see her walk-in closet, they scream hysterically. In a follow-up, Heineken shows a man, telling what he wants his under-construction house to look like.

The hostess is shown giving a tour to 3 friends around her new apartment. As they end up in the bedroom, the hostess surprises her friends with a walk-in closet filled with clothes and other fashion apparels. In the next scene we see 4 male characters, presumably the host and his friends, in a walk-in fridge filled with Heineken beer. When it comes to beer commercials, they tend to be geared towards the young male audience. I see a woman showing her friends her walk in closet at what appears to be a housewarming party. (presumably the husband) with his friends and they scream with excitement just like the girls because the closet is like a beer cellar full of Heineken beer bottles. She leads them into a walk-in closet, in which are stored rows and rows of designer clothes, whereupon her friends, delighted at this ostentatious show of her good fortune compared to theirs, naturally shriek with delight.

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Video Ad Library: Heineken – Amstel Light – Banquette Alt. AdRespect Advertising Education Program advocates for advertising that respects the diversity of all, specifically gender identity/expression and sexual orientation, for a more accepting society and better business results. The camera pans back up and shows the adored woman smiling at both her suitors. Dorothy Vallens: I looked for you in my closet tonight. Raymond is threatening Jeffrey with his switchblade. That first time Heineken brings you into the walk-in closet, this is the toy you see, this is the toy you have to have, because even though it’s broken, ninety percent of it is the fucking neatest thing you’ve ever seen. Yeah, you say, even though you have never seen his mother, know nothing about her temper or why this place is off limits. Crack open a cold brew, and check out the most famous beer ads from the last 25 years. Not at all misogynistic we girls would freak out just as much about the walk-in Heineken closet in this 2010 Super Bowl XLIV commercial. 15. Rinna changes her look for first time in 20 years Fox News Entertainment.

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