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Designing and building your own subwoofer can be a rewarding experience. You did an awesome job on the home audio box with the foam trick making the sound larger then it is etc. Designing and building your own subwoofer for your audio system can be a great way of improving its sound. Also, the excursion calculations provide figures for peak excursion – many box design programs give rms excursion results. Subwoofer Box Design DIY Subwoofers – General Discussion.

home subwoofer box design 2In general, sealed box designs tend to expect a driver to have a relatively high Qts, low Fs, very good xmax, and relatively soft suspension. A full example for calculating enclosure size and speaker box dimensions for a 3-way system. This example of a designing a speaker box makes use of many of the calculators found on this site. Australian DIY subwoofer and active filter builder gives tips on construction of subwoofers, SPL meter usage and Home Theater setup. Design graphic. Free software to help you design your enclosure, whether it’s a regular box or a sonosub.

There are many ways to design a subwoofer enclosure. Four design approaches are among the most popular for consumer home electronics use. Sealed Cabinet: One of the most popular subwoofer designs, the sealed enclosure is relatively simple. Box stuffing will also affect f3 by either raising it or lowering it depending upon the type and amount of stuffing used. May also be use for small to moderately sized Home Theaters. You may be curious about Speaker Building, Speaker boxes, or Speaker Box Design with Free DIY Speaker Projects and speaker plans. See Digital Audio Speakers and DIY Speaker Projects page for more information.


Looking for the Best Speaker Box Design using tried and tested speaker box theory and ideas. Combine these with the finest speaker cabinet hardware and woods, shake and stir to perfection. Upgrading from my BIC VK-12, I wanted to build something that would really shake the house. Thus far I have purchased a 15 500rms dayton audio driver. Do you like speaker building? Want to have a perfect subwoofer design for music and movies? There are a ton of speaker cabinet design directions you can try, but some comprehensive math and acoustic calculations are possible using software. The basic two-speaker box designs are sealed and vented. This article details how to build a sealed speaker box,. Categories: Home Audio. In other languages:. Home Audio. Building your own subwoofer box is a great way to get the look and fit you want, without spending a fortune. Planning your subwoofer box design.

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The use of a subwoofer augments the bass capability of the main speakers, and allows them to be smaller without sacrificing low frequency capability. Low-cost home theater in a box systems advertise their integration and simplicity. This is usually due to poor crossover designs or choices (too high crossover point or insufficient crossover slope) used in many computer and home theater systems; localization also comes from port noise and from typically large amounts of harmonic distortion in the subwoofer design. Complete your audio or home theater system with a powered subwoofer from svsound.com. Choose the Subwoofer Design to Match Your Room. When you really want to step up your playback experience, our ported boxes are the big guns. Custom Subwoofer Box, Subwoofer Enclosures. The best custom built subwoofer enclosures, hand-built in the USA. Box Designs Sub/Box Packages. When you are looking into how to design and build a subwoofer enclosure, there are several things you need to take into consideration. The correct design of a subwoofer enclosure is not as just a box you put the woofer into – it should also take into account the speaker’s size, shape, volume and where it will be placed.

Overcoming the Subwoofer Enclosure Cabinet Size Constraint. Building a DIY Speaker: Cabinet Design. Based on low frequency response models for the Peerless 83084 XXLS woofer, the desired cabinet volume for the woofer alone is 2. Home Theater Setup. Build, plan and design your own custom sub boxes and speaker enclosures for home, car, truck, boat and sport utility vehicle applications. (Go to the Subwoofer Index to see more subwoofer related calculators). Type R12 (E12, S12, or by: wonderBOTVented Subwoofer Box for Alpine Type R12 (E12, S12, or X12).