Homemade Router Jig For Door Hinges Sample Plans PDF

So I’ve never gotten around to making a routing jig to simplify the process. This time-saver helps to turn slabs into ready-to-hang doors. With only a router and a collet-guided bit, you can build a jig that allows you to mortise your own slab doors rapidly and repeatedly to accept any type of hinges. First time making a hinge mortise jig (have to make lots of mortises). I’m using the standard method with a router to cut the mortise. I use old door as a guide to make template rail for router bit.

homemade router jig for door hinges 2Hey guys, anyone ever make any homemade router jigs for hinges and lock mortising? I usually hang average of 4 doors a year, most I do are prehungs. Ryobi Door Hinge Template is designed to work with almost any door hinge. Comes with removable front guide rail to support laminate routers or chisels. I want to make some jigs for hinges,strikes and latches. I work on prefinished doors amd dont want to nail the store built kind but use clamps instead.

Anyone know of a cheap jig or a homemade jig that would do the trick? For one or two door hinges I would probably free hand with a router. Transfer hinge locations from door to carcase with marksmanlike accuracy. Don’t use this free plan to build your own router jig for machining small part safely. Porter-Cable’s unique door hinge routing template is highly adjustable, allowing you to rout hinge mortises for various door thicknesses and hinge lengths. Since I only had six hinges to route, I thought I would buy this jig rather than taking the time to build my own.

Homemade Router Jigs?

Making a door hinge mortise can be done with a chisel, but it is faster and much more efficient with a standard trim router. With this setup, hinge mortising becomes a standard template routing operation. With a router, a small straight bit, a chisel, and some careful layout, you’ll find mortising for hinges to be fun and easy. I was wondering about the effectiveness of making a jig myself. Then I simply transfer the hinge locations to the door. Yesterday’s post about the door hanging work we completed over the weekend revolved largely around the jig I used to place and properly size the hinge mortises in both the door and door jamb. The jig I purchased came with a hinge mortising router bit that fits any router that accommodates 1/4 bits and a black plastic template with movable stops. When you install a door hinge, you need to make notches for it on the edge of the door and on the jamb, or the door won’t close properly. You can cut them by hand with a hammer and chisel, or you can use a router and a mortising template. Try the hinge, making adjustments with the chisel as needed until it fits. Just make a cutout in your jig the exact size of the butt hinge and rout out with the C. Settled in Member Joined: 25 Aug 2008, 14:40Posts: 259Location: Twighlight Zone The HighlandsHas thanked: 0 timeBeen thanked: 2 times I too made acouple for 75mm and 100mm, the wanted one for 5 as well, so after carting these about I decided to buy a quality alluminium adjustable type. easy to adust for door thickness and size of hinge. it also comes in handy for other stuff. How to Make a Hinge Mortise Template for the Router. Mortised hinges provide a cleaner, more professional look to a door or cabinet and actually add strength to the hinge since it is embedded into the wood. DIY Hinge Mortising.

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Does anyone have any advice for either a DIY or store bought jig to route the hinge mortise for doors? You’ll also need the template for routing the recess for the strike plate/plunger. Set your router on top of the hinges, and adjust it so the tip of the bit is just touching the edge of the door. Find PORTER-CABLE Door Hinge Template at Lowes.com. Most drawings do not have instructions, its assumed you can build it based on the completed drawing provided. Used with your trim router, our hinge mortising jig woodworking plan provides an ideal solution for creating quick, clean, and accurate hinge mortises-first time and every time.

So I was thinking of using a template to guide the router back-n-forth. Take the door off, put in a door stand so the lock side of the door is facing up, drill holes to depth in the cavity with a regular drill, mortise chisel to clean the edges and final size, go find something else to build after 5 minutes of drilling and chisel work.