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The emergence and popularity of the Hoosier cabinet correspond with changes in society taking place a century ago, especially with regard to the woman s role a. The bulk of the following essay is excerpted from The Hoosier Cabinet in Kitchen History, forthcoming from Indiana University Press, and is reproduced here with their permission. Includes: where to buy a hoosier-style cabinet, anatomy of a hoosier cabinet, antique baking cabinet manufacturers, and identifying an authentic antique hoosier-style cabinet. Use a reference book, such as The Hoosier Cabinet in Kitchen History, to look for your model.

hoosier cabinets history 2He said that the new dealer had a Seller’s kitchen cabinet for sale for only 295.00. One of the best books I have found on the history of Hoosier cabinets, is. By 1921, one in 10 U.S. homes had a Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet. Kitchen Cabinet has a permanent place in the Henry County history book. Ramona K. Cecil is a poet and award-winning author of historical fiction for the Christian market.

I love Hoosier Cabinets not only for their beauty and step saving function but also because my Grandparents worked there. Interesting to read the history on it. 1919 Elwood Co, IN newspaper ad on SELLERS KITCHEN CABINETS Contributed by: Rosemary Evon revon earthlink. Hoosier’s men and eventually all people from Indiana were called Hoosiers. SKU: book_historyHoosierCabinet Category: Local History.

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Steal an idea from Grandma’s kitchen: Use these Hoosier cabinet plans to build a free-standing kitchen cabinet that organizes all your baking needs within arm’s reach. (See Hoosier Cupboard History further in this article.). I think most of us have heard of the Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet, right? (There is one on display at the President Benjamin Harrison Home, if I’m not mistaken. Grandpa and Grandma, my mom’s parents, used this cabinet in their kitchen up until they put in a ‘modern’ kitchen in the 1960’s. History These cabinets are commonly called Hoosier Cabinets as they were mostly made in Indiana.

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