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Find great deals on eBay for Hoosier Cabinet in Antique Cabinets and Cupboards From the Early 1900's. White Hoosier Style Cabinet with Red Trim Made by Marsh Furniture Company in Antiques, Furniture, Cabinets & Cupboards eBay. Includes: where to buy a hoosier-style cabinet, anatomy of a hoosier cabinet, antique baking cabinet manufacturers, and identifying an authentic antique hoosier-style cabinet. What’s more, they were not the only company making these practical beauties, which were said to save the American housewife 1500 steps every day.

hoosier furniture company 2Joe and Brenda Velten, Fine American Furniture, Hoosiers, Yellow Ware; The Hoosier Manufacturing Company was founded in 1899 in Albany, Indiana. The Hoosier cabinet, a freestanding cupboard equipped with ingenious mechanical devices, consolidated storage and maximized the efficiency of kitchen labor, thereby alleviating some of the most exasperating aspects of the middle-class housewife’s daily responsibilities. Kitchen Scientists, from Hoosier Manufacturing Company’s You and Your Kitchen catalog, 1918. That was the idea behind the popular Hoosier cabinet, which sped meal delivery with metal-lined flour bins, cookbook holders, a calendar, a grocery list wheel, and a flour sifter plus handy nutritional charts. Note on back is from Greencastle Cabinet Company of Greencastle, Indiana.

The Hoosier Manufacturing Company founded in 1898, had built more than two million cabinets by 1920. A Baker’s Cabinet has loosely been refered to as a Hoosier cabinet due to the large number sold by The Hoosier Manufacturing Company in the 1900’s. The emergence and popularity of the Hoosier cabinet correspond with changes in society taking place a century ago, especially with regard to the woman s role a. The name refers to a multi-use kitchen cabinet produced by the Hoosier Manufacturing Company.

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Hoosier Cabinets hand crafted with all the charm and features found on Grandma’s Hoosier Cabinet. The Michigan Hoosier Cabinet Company. About Us. However this cabinet was made by the Marsh Furniture Company out of High Point NC which is really vool because when I was working for Cavalier Kitchens as a kitchen designer we sold Marsh cabinets.

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