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Hoosier kitchen cabinets were extremely common in the first two decades of the 20th century. Knowledge of the Hoosier cabinet’s history can help an antique buyer know whether a particular cabinet is a Hoosier-style cabinet, whether it is authentically Hoosier and whether it falls into the late art deco period of Hoosier cabinet development. The bakers cabinet, kitchen cabinet, or more commonly known, the Hoosier. Maybe it has a little to do with their history, or maybe I just like the story of how a time study expert came to the Seller’s factory one week and began watching all the workers. I’m on a new treasure hunt..for a Hoosier style kitchen cabinet. In all my years of seeing Hoosiers, I’ve never checked on the history of them.

hoosier kitchen cabinet flour bin 2We sell original Hoosier Cabinet canisters or jars, parts for Hoosier style cabinets, and other Depression Era Kitchenware. Some of the other companies were Sellers, Napanee, McDougall, Kitchen Maid, Wilson and Boone. Philip D. Kennedy has included the history, original magazine ads and sales literature for Hoosier, Sellers, Napanee, McDougall, Boone and other cabinets. Long Island Kitchen History D. Lawless Hardware Bell’s Book on Hoosier Cabinets Atrium Books on Cabinet Restoration Book on Indiana Cabinets. There is a lot of similarities in the HOOSIER style kitchen cabinet, companies borrowed ideas from the examples on the market. The factory that made Coppes and or Napanee cabinets also has a long history.

The history of Coppes Commons from its 1876 beginning to today. The Hoosier Cabinet in Kitchen History (Book). Helpful Clues to determine the age of your Coppes Napanee kitchen Cabinet. The Hoosier cabinet has a great history behind it: practical, functional, and appealing to the everyday woman. Basically, the Hoosier served as the kitchen cabinet before built-in cabinets became popular in the late 1930s and 1940s.

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