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This Orbit Double-Sided Hose Bib Lock helps prevent faucet tampering. The bib lock is easy to install and fits over standard hose faucets (sold separately). Stop the unauthorized use of water at your business, home, apartment building, hotels and more. These easy-to-install hose bibb locks are easy to install, and are just one more innovative product offered to you by PlumbingSupply. AquaVault Aqua Vault AV01 Windsor Direct Outdoor Safety Lock Box.

hose bib lock box 2The AC series is enclosed in a stainless steel wall box designed to fi t inside a wall of up to 10 in thickness. Arrowhead Brass and Plumbing Hose Bibb Lock. The FaucetLockTM is installed on the hose bibb to protect water supply. The FaucetLock is easy to install; no tools are required. Simply twist onto a standard hose bibb and use the key to lock and unl. 95our lockable water valve, or hose bib lock, prevents unauthorized water use.This heavy duty guard is put over the water faucet and then a lock (not included) is used to secure your valve hand.

Hose bib and padlock to deterunauthorized faucet water usage. This simple, affordable hose bib and faucet lock by Orbit, helps conserve water. Buy quarter-turn hose bibs, outdoor faucet covers, sillcocks, wall hydrants, yard hydrants and more!. Key-operated box and door wall hydrants are available in anti-siphon and freezeless models. Buy Wall Hydrants & Hose Bibb at Amre Supply – Property Performance Centres with 13 locations across Canada. Built in lock shield.

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Hose Bib Lock With Padlock Included