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Hospital bed safety refer to use of padded bed rails, bed rail protectors to reduce the risk of patients becoming entrapped in tight spaces around a bed rail. Side rail protectors will fit all bed sizes, including twin, queen, and king. These rail protectors, additionally, are generally soft and will complement most safety rails on hospital beds: full- and semi-electric, and manual hospital beds, too. Hospital bed rails, bed rail clamps and bed rail covers.

hospital bed rail covers 2Pine St. DeRidder, LA 70634-3904 Mon-Fri: 8am 5pm (337) 202-1911. Navigation. Home About Us Contact Us Shop. Tag Archive: hospital bed rail covers deridder. Deridder Medical Equipment Hospital Beds and Supplies. 2015. Our range of Bed Rail Entrapment Avoidance cotside bumpers comprises of range of materials including machine washable, wipe clean and quilted with a variety of styles including wrap-around, high-sided, and adjustable rail covers and bumpers. Find Bed Rail Protectors suppliers, equipment, devices, services and information on MedicalSearch. Bed rail protectors are fabrics or padded cushions used to cover the metal handrails on the sides of hospital beds to protect patients from injuries caused by hitting the bed rails or getting themselves caught in the rails.

Tag Archive: hospital bed rail covers leesville la. Deridder Medical Equipment Hospital Beds and Supplies. Copyright 2016 DeRidder Medical. All Rights Reserved. Simple Shop by Slocum Studio. Posey side rail protectors, bed bumpers and pads for Hill-Rom and Stryker beds. Guaranteed lowest prices. Grahamfield Cushion Ease Side Rail Pads designed for relieving foam side-rail pads help protect patient from hard side rails. These pads also reduce gaps between the bed-rails and mattress. The Posey Spilt Side Rail Protectors feature soft padding to help deter patient attempts to exit the bed between the half side rails. May also be used as a seizure pad.

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Essential P1410, Home Bed Rail, Half Style, One Side. 79.00. Add To Cart Pride Lift Chair LC-105, Cloth Fabric, Multiple Colors vailable. Bed rail pads offer more comfort, safety and style to home and hospital bed rails. Cushion grips and cover rail gaps with sheepskin or other premium pads. Freeship Pads for adult bed rails, roll prevention bolster pads, rail gap wedges and more. Side Rail Bed Wedge Gap Protector for Full 72 Inch Rail. DeRoyal Bed Rail Pads help prevent injury and unsafe bed exits for patients at risk of hurting themselves in bed or falling. These Bed Rail Covers are foam padded and covered in vinyl for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Bed Rail Pads are available in sets of two for side rails only, or sets of four for both side rails and head and foot boards. Made from soft, plush Sheepette material for ultimate softness, these bedrail pad covers protect the user from bar entanglement and injury while the rails are in the up position. Bed wedge attaches with a hook & loop closure and acts as a gap filler, side rail protector, or patient bed wedge. My mother in law keeps bumping her legs or head on the side rails of the hospital bed. I looked into bed rail covers but they are hundreds of dollars & ofcourse not covered by insurance. I was just wondering if anyone had delt with before. As well as bumpers available for trend beds we can also supply bumpers for hospital beds with high sides and divan beds. Full length The Harvest folding high side bumper covers the entire side (1980 x 550mm) for f.

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