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Cabinet members are chosen by the president and the confirmed by the Senate. The president can also remove cabinet members at any time. The Cabinet members are some of the most powerful people in the United States and each of their departments is important in the running of our country. The Cabinet includes the Vice President, the heads of 15 executive branch departments, and other Government officials chosen by the President. The Cabinet meets at least once a week to discuss matters that effect the United States. The presidential cabinet is a group of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the federal government. How Are Members of the Presidential Cabinet Chosen?

how are the presidents cabinet members chosen 2Learn about the President’s Cabinet, the origin of the term and the 15 secretaries and their departments. The only qualification is that a department secretary cannot be a member of Congress or hold any other elected office. No cabinet official has gone on to become president in nearly 85 years, and few have run. For any cabinet member who hadn’t served in elected office before, there is a question of whether the presidential bid is really a good place to start campaigning, even if it worked for Taft and Hoover. All members of the Executive Office are unelected. When the Cabinet sits in the White House Cabinet Room, only the president is an elected member. Ironically, the Constitution does not mention the Cabinet.

A prime minister is chosen not by the voters, but by members of Parliament. The president is fortunate if most cabinet members agree with him on major policy questions, and there is an inevitable rivalry between the White House staff and the department heads. President George W. Bush wasted no time assembling his cabinet after the Supreme Court ruled in his favor on Dec. Indeed, he has selected two African Americans, two Asian Americans, four women, and one Cuban American. Cabinet members are appointed by the president, subject to the confirmation of the Senate; and as their terms are not fixed, they may be replaced at any time by the president.

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who are the presidents cabinet members 2014 3The cabinet members are ordered in the line of succession according to the date their offices were established. The president pro tempore is elected by the Senate, but by tradition the position is held by the senior member of the majority party. A re-elected president is not under time pressure to fill a full slate of top government positions, but he likely will need to fill many of nearly 3,000 mid-level appointed positions as they become vacant. The president nominates Cabinet members, but the Senate must confirm them before they get the job. Cabinet members must all be members of Parliament, as must the prime minister himself. The President, as the Head of State, appoints the Prime Minister and the other Cabinet members from among the elected Members of Parliament. Members of Cabinet are appointed from among the MPs, by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister. The ten Obama cabinet members analyzed were chosen based on the availability of their filings at the United States Office of Government Ethics, where financial disclosure forms are filed each year by law. Cabinet members are selected by the president and generally serve with him throughout the length of his term. When the president leaves office, his Cabinet resigns as well.

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Bulgaria’s Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov resigned on 9 December 2015 after the parliament revised some of his proposals for constitutional amendments, which were aimed at reducing the influence of the country s chief prosecutor on the judiciary. One thing to consider is that many cabinet members hold elected offices prior to be appointed to the cabinet. Announcing who would make up the cabinet prior to an election could have unexpected consequences.