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Every new mailbox design should be reviewed and receive the Postmaster General’s (PMG) seal of approval before it goes to market. Position your mailbox 41 to 45 above ground level. Is it worth the extra time and money to install the mailbox using the post bracket, or should I just stick the post in the ground? So when someone runs into it, they won’t make it very far before their tires are deflated. Post mount boxes should be positioned 6-8 inches from the curb and approximately 42-46 inches high measured from the lawn to the top of the installed mailbox, not the top of the post. Can’t the mail man simply stop being lazy and get off there ass and walk the 2feet around the vehicle to the mailbox? I,m thinking about talking to the highway department or maybe just tear the posts out of the ground as theyare illegally placed and unauthorized.

how far off the ground should a mailbox be 2To understand how to install a curbside mailbox, here are the primary steps you should take before you did your mailbox post hole:. The concrete mix in the ground will soak in both the water you poured earlier in the bottom and the water from the top. Find out how high your mailbox needs to be and how far it should be from the road. The common mailbox regulation height is 42 from the bottom of the mailbox to the ground. Level the concrete off with a shovel, just a few inches on top of the hole. If necessary, remove the cement base from the old post. Dig a new hole using a post-hole digger. According to standard postal service codes, a mailbox should not sit any higher than 45 inches from street level.

The front of your mailbox should be approximately 6 to 8 inches away from the edge of the street or the back of the curb if you have one. Once you have selected the location for your new mailbox, begin by cutting a 12 inch square section of ground, saving the sod. Installing, repairing or replacing your own mailbox post can be a chore but these hints should help you understand the types of posts available as well as installation methods. Distance from outside edge of curb or edge of road surface to front of mailbox: 6-8. Postal Service recommends that mailboxes be 41-45 inches off of the ground and 6-8 inches back from the curb with a minimum recommendation of 4 feet off the ground for those people. This approval would be for the location of the mailbox before it is put up and for height and curb or house distance positioning. For those individuals who are purchasing a new mailbox, the Postmaster General’s seal of approval should be on it.

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how far off the ground should a mailbox be 3The 12’s will be cut off at 18 to make a couple of stakes to drive into the ground. In this how-to video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook delivers advice on proper mailbox placement. If it’s time to replace your old postal receptacle, make sure you give it a sturdy support system. With diagrams for attaching the mailbox to the post arm, building a lifting arm, and installing a metal plumbing pipe post. Curbside mailboxes are typically mounted on 4-by-4-inch wood posts or 2-inch diameter metal poles. These posts or poles must be set into the ground so that when the mailbox is attached, the inside floor of the box is 41 to 45 inches above the ground. Forum discussion: How deep of a hole should I dig for a mailbox sitting on a 4×4? There will be no concrete, just a piece of treated wood into the ground. — Palin 2012! We have to go to the post office but they are located not too far apart.

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