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Previously, upper cabinets were most often hung 18 inches above the counter. I think the new, deeper models look nicer at 21 inches (admittedly, I am tall and can handle this northern migration). This strategy helps make the mass of cabinetry appear airier, and creates ample under-cabinet storage space for the arsenal of trendy appliances like the juicer, the modern-day equivalent of the ’70s fondue pot that supersize households require. I had a kitchen with cabinets installed 15 above the counter, and I LOVED it. Base cabinet widths also range from 9 to 48 inches, just like overhead cabinets, but the standard height of a base cabinet is 34 1/2 inches. Typically, the bottom of the remaining upper cabinets should be 18 inches above your counter top for the use of small appliances.

how high are kitchen cabinets above counter 2How high above the base cabinets & counter should the upper cabinets be mounted? (?). Height Matters. The standard distance between the top of a kitchen counter and the bottom of the wall cabinets above it is 18 inches. For the average person, this distance is the ideal balance between plenty of space to work on the countertop and the ability to reach all of the shelves in the cabinet. Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes: The low-down on what’s standard, what’s not. Don’t use an 18 high cabinet above your stove if you’ll be installing a microwave above the stove.

Tip: The Home Depot offers free in-store consultations with Kitchen Designers who will work with you to review your floor plan and find the perfect cabinets to fit your style and budget. Base cabinets support countertops, wall cabinets hang above counters or stoves, and tall cabinets are popular choices for pantries. We’ve noticed many other types of shelving, and even little to no storage above waist height at all. Question about correct height of kitchen wall cabinet. They were approximately 10 inches above the counter top. Any info would be appreciated. The standard height for wall cabinets is to place the tops at 7 feet above the finished floor, or 84 inches. This is for normal cabinets, which are at most 30 inches tall.

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how high are kitchen cabinets above counter 3Wall cabinets are going the way of avocado appliances in some high-end central Ohio kitchens. Fueled by open floor plans, walk-in pantries and a longing for more windows, a growing number of kitchens are doing away with all but a few upper cabinets.

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