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An attractive kitchen needs more than just good-looking cabinets. Most base cabinets are between 34 1/2 and 35 inches tall without the countertop. With stock cabinets, a flush-mount look is achieved with trim molding, such as crown, to cover gaps. Last Spring we asked for your kitchen renovation advice, and you had plenty to say! This required super tall finished trim pieces that are pretty pricey. Upper kitchen cabinets are hung at a variety of heights, so there is no perfect answer.

how high are kitchen cabinets hung 2First, we mark the height of the bottom of the wall cabinets. So from the center mark, we use a level to draw a line across the wall where the kitchen cabinets are going to be hung. We were simultaneously trying to hang Ikea cabinets in our laundry room and re-hook up the washer & dryer, but as of yesterday morning we were sort of stuck half-way through both projects and this was the best progress shot we thought we’d have for you today:. We hear great things about them and pretty consistently see them popping up in high end homes thanks to magazines like Dwell, Domino, and House Beautiful, yet we’ve gone a bunch of other routes in the past. We started by using their online Kitchen Planner to map out the space.

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