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Average mantel height is about 54 above the hearth extension. What is the recommended height from the floor to mount a gas fireplace? National guidelines that recommend how high you should install your mantle, but personal preference as well as the local county codes dictated by your fire protection agency can also influence your decision in regards to how high you install your mantle. Depending on what material your mantel is made from, there may be specific laws about how high and how far you can place a wood, stone, or metal shelf from the actual flames of the fireplace. I am finishing a design for a mantle. How high should it be above the floor?

how high should a mantel shelf be from the floor 2The width, including off set and pilaster width will be about 78,and the fire box is about 38 high. 56 and 62 inches from the floor to the top of the mantel shelf. A fireplace, hearth and mantel must conform to specific safety codes. A working fireplace must be designed in accord with safety regulations that position any flammable material, such as a wood mantel, far enough away from the flames and heat so that it does not. Local building codes determine the distance to place the mantel from the hearth — the floor of the fireplace, and the area in front of the firebox, which is typically made of brick, stone or another noncombustible material. You or your builder should be aware of the code for your residence. My current fireplace is ugly and is 38 high including surrounding bricks. The contractor should give you a substantial mantle (not a cheap thing you could DIY).

In order to comply with National Fire Protection Association guidelines, your mantel and any other combustible material must be at least 6 inches above your fireplace opening. Fireplace mantels should be a minimum of 12 inches away from the top of the fireplace opening. Wooden support legs, whether decorative or structural, mounted under the mantelshelf also have a minimum distance based on their depth. What Height to Mount a Mantel? A hearth is a fireplace’s brick or stone floor. National guidelines that recommend how high you should install your mantle, but personal preference as well as the local county codes dictated by your fire protection agency. The average height of your fireplace mantle depends on a few factors. How to Install a Wood Mantel Shelf for a Stone Fireplace.

Fireplace Mantel Height?

how high should a mantel shelf be from the floor 3Over the years I’ve built hundreds of fireplace mantels. The NFPA calls for any mantel that is 2 inches deep to be a minimum of 11 inches from the top of the fireplace’s fire box. A 4-inch deep mantel should be 13 inches from the fire box. 01-09-2002, 04:51 AM. What is a typical mantle height from the floor? I buuild ooodles of mantles. Mine are just about always 58′ tall. Unless there is a TV box above or a special architecual consideration,they will stay that way so I can keep using my highly special top secret building system. You should never go closer than what the fireplace mfg requires. Is there a possibility of making your mantle/shelf on the top stone? I’ll have the fireplace as close to the floor as possible, then a stone mantle above the fireplace about 6 inches or so, then recessed and offset the wall behind the mantle about another 6 or 8 inches, and drywall that and mount the tv there. So just to sum it up, yes mounting the TV over the fireplace is to high. I’m wall mounting a flat TV above a mantle, above a wood fireplace. The mantle is quite high, so to get the right viewing angle, and because the mantle is hideous, I’d like to replace it and move i. New Fireplace Mantel Shelf. In a formal paper, should I censor brainfk, the name of a programming language? has a measuring guide that should be completed to determine your mantle custom size. As a general rule of thumb you can think of it this way: you need about double your firebox opening width in wall space above the fireplace for a proportionate Mantel shelf length. (in which instance the mantel legs would rest on the floor beside the hearth.) Be sure to carefully check the dimensioned mantel line drawing that MantelCraft creates before you confirm your custom order, especially if you see that the hearth or the wall space is not right for the mantel you have chosen.

How High Should A Fireplace Mantel Be?

How to install a fireplace mantel (old barn beam or log mantle). (i.e. a 10 mantel should have 6.67 deep holes). Cut a Backer Board that is as deep as the masonry surface is thick, as thick as the mantel is high, and as long as the mantel is width. MANTEL SHELVES. Too high off the floor; this should be flush to the floor or have a raised hearth which comes up to the bottom of the firebox. Yard mantle and 12x 12 square (off the shelf) floor tiles as the surround. Most designers will suggest that the mantel shelf not be any wider than the facing on the wall (although in some instances this cannot be avoided). Extended Returns extend down to the floor beside the raised hearth. There are lots of things to consider when hanging a clock above a mantel.

How high should the mantel be above the firebox? What about next to the firebox?NoneNoneLink Only. Q: I have a 1960s home with a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace. A frame-and-panel base topped with a broad shelf dresses up a plain fireplaceby David Getts. The hanger board measurement should be taken from the floor or the hearth (where the mantel legs will sit or the shelf will hang) to the bottom edge of the hanger board. We wanted to ask you your opinion on how high a tv should be placed and if there is a right height?. We’ve been house sitting for friends this week and while we’re loving the beach breeze, we aren’t so sure about the height of their television, mounted high above the fireplace mantle. See more about Fireplace Mantles, Fireplaces and Fireplace Mantle Designs. That large expanse of wall over the mantel may seem like the perfect place to hang your new (and super-sized) flat-screen television, but think twice before hanging it there. I’m of the belief that you should sit and enjoy the fire. Tall floor-standing vases that fit the scale of the fireplace can help emphasize your fireplace’s design. Wolfgang Forge firescreens in standard sizes are available off the shelf at Rejuvenation in Portland, but Rotbart often works with home-owners and designers on custom commissions, too. For a 64-inch plasma, how tall of a stand should I buy? Measure the height from the floor to the eyeballs of your seated viewing public. I agree it should be eye level in the seated position. I would guess most people don’t have random stuff all over their floor, and instead have shelves to keep the stuff out of the way.