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So my question is until what age do you use it? Oh, and you can just get a changing table pad with raised edges and use it on a dresser top. How long do you use a changing table? I use a changing pad and do it on the floor or couch. I use our changing table all the time. It’s great for storage, which is essential if you’re planning on using cloth nappies. I recommend putting a mat or towel under it.

how long do you use a changing table 2The Changing Table. And the reality is that with all of the diapers you’ll be changing throughout the day, you probably won’t be going to the nursery every time Baby needs a change, especially if you have stairs in your home; you’ll be doing it where it’s most convenient. If you’d like a changing area, buy a changing pad and secure it onto a low dresser, which you can use even when your child is out of diapers. I have memories of chasing after her with a pull up and having to do this while she was trying to run!!!. Hiya, my son is 15 months and we still use the changing table upstairs and an old table downstairs and will do until he is a lot older, basically dh cant get onto the floor and so has to change ds at a height which is comfortable for him. I have a waist high long dresser that I’m putting a changing pad on. I just bring a small basket I use to keep changing supplies in, like diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc. Changing tables seem so unnecessary unless you absolutely can’t change baby’s diaper anywhere else.

If you’re going to use a portable changer like we do, you might get an extra one and keep them in the parts of your home you spend the most time in. She is starting to get too long for it though. I don’t have a changing table, but would use it on top of a long dresser I have, making sure to use the buckle. Up to what age can you use the changing pad? Do you need a changing table for baby or are there less expensive options for baby’s nursery? Your mom, his mom and all of your friends are probably filling your head with the things you simply must have for baby. And to be honest after the initial few weeks of having the baby home, you just use a changing pad and get down to changing the baby in whichever part of the home you are, says Dhana Pawar, co-founder of Yojo Mobile.

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Use the straps every time you change your baby’s diaper. You might be interested in buying a matching nursery set, which often comes with a crib, dresser or armoire, and changing table. If you do choose to use a dresser as your changing table, secure it to a wall to prevent it from tipping. I am considering buying a changing table so that at least for diaper changes I don’t need to be hunched over, but before I spend money on it I wanted advice on how long one uses a changing table – i. I am considering buying a changing table so that at least for diaper changes I don’t need to be hunched over, but before I spend money on it I wanted advice on how long one uses a changing table – i.e. If using a changing table use the safety straps to prevent the baby from falling. Remove your baby’s clothes. First they’re too little and you need to change them so often there’s no way you’re going to the changing table every time. When they’re itsy bitsy it’s easier to just use a changing pad or cloth and do the diaper swap wherever you are: the couch, the floor, the bed, the car. You can often buy a changer that matches the crib; if not, look for one that coordinates nicely. At the changing table, you should always keep one hand on your baby, so make sure there’s room to keep your supplies within easy reach. Always use the safety straps on your changing table or changing pad when changing your baby that’s why they’re there!. (I have long loved the Moda dresser from Room&Board, which is featured in the photo above that I pulled off of Pinterest). You can put these ON TOP of the changing pad cover, and then only have to launder the PADS all the time and maybe save yourself the hassle of constantly changing the changing pad covers THEMSELVES.

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Often times, even if restrooms don’t have changing stations, they’ll have large counter areas near the sinks or elsewhere. To be sure, some parents do at least some of the methods above all the time because they’d rather not use dirty restroom changing tables. You can also buy changing pads that will turn any nook in your home into an instant changing station. Many companies now offer specialized baby laundry detergents, often at a higher price point. You don’t need a changing table, but at 14 months I still use the dresser top with the changing table pad to change my child. When did you upgrade to using something else and what do you currently use to change lo?. As you can spend a lot of time changing your baby over the next few years, it is important that your table is at a good height so that you don t have to bend over the table too much and get a sore back. Are you going to be leaning over the bath, which could lead to an aching back, or do you have a bench or table at a good height for standing or sitting to bath your baby? You need to think about where you are going to put all the things that you need for washing your baby. The other thing to think about is how long you are able to use it, as babies can outgrow a baby bath quite quickly.

Our article also explains how often to change your baby’s nappy and what to have handy in your changing area. If you can use your nappies on more than one child it also increases the environmental impact savings. He just squirmed too much and I was worried he would fall off so I just change him on the floor. So I do still use the changing pad, just not the table. I like the changing table b/c it’s at the right height where I don’t have to stoop over to change diapers, so I’ll probably keep using it for as long as possible.