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Bota Box How long does box wine last? One of the huge advantages of boxed wine is that it lasts for a month or even more after being opened. And Bota Box says on their website that you can keep their boxed red or white in the fridge for 45 days. (I have heard many times: Do not cook with wine that you would not drink.) Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon is fairly cheap and readily available (at least in the midwest). Should live a long life. Seems like the idea of a collapsing ‘bag’ within the box is a good way to keep air away from the wine to prevent oxidation.

how long does bota box wine last 2Have you ever tried Bota Box? Which of their wines do you like? Got other boxed wine favorites to recommend? Let us know in the comments. Wine in Tetra Pak stores open about as long as glass bottles. At last, our long awaited series on box wine is here! Not only do you generally save purely because you are buying in bulk, but bag in box packaging costs a fraction of traditional glass bottlings for the same amount of wine. Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon.

Unfortunately, boxed wine can spoil much faster than bottled wine, and the only thing that can help keep it fresh is temperature. Actually, I do proofread, but sometimes I make mistakes. Last week, one of my readers (do you like how I just pretended it was one of my legions of followers and not my sister s friend/coworker who happens to read my blog?) asked me about boxed wine. Aw, thanks boxed wine people, but it won’t last nearly that long in my fridge. This Bota Box wine, as well as several of its competitors like my current favorite Banrock Station, is some really good stuff. As someone who is addicted to Banrock Station wines long before she moved to the US, but has only been able to find them in bottles here in the US, knowing that they are available in handy (and more cost effective) boxes here in the US now gives me more of a thrill than it should. These boxes though, or better yet Franzia at 10 per box, provide a years supply of cooking wine at a smaller fraction of the price than even the comparison by volume reveals, because the box really does last the whole year for cooking purposes.

Which Bota Box Wine Is Best?

how long does bota box wine last 3Because bottled wine has been the standard for so long, there are a lot of options available. They last longer than bottles do when opened, they tend to be cheaper, they are easier to store and they are more environmentally friendly. Make your Everyday Wine a Box Wine; No One has to Know! Since Tim Fish, Senior editor at Wine Spectator, gave Bota Box (box wine) an 84 rating in 2011, consuming box wine is no longer faux pas in our household at least. How Long Does it Last? A great fall porch wine, it stays fresh for 45 days after opening but I dare you to make it last that long. You’ll see mixed reviews for all of the Bota Box varieties (people seem to love it or hate it), but I’m a fan. Muscat Canelli sip as well from the tap as it does from the bottle? This dry French white is just plain dangerous to keep in the house. I love that Bota basically means wine on demand, and really does keep fresh thanks to the vacuum sealed bag it’s stored in, along with the sealed tap that dispenses the wine. Question, how long does it stay fresh after opening? Aint nothing wrong with wine from a box! pretty sure us aussies invented it haha or i swear i read that somewhere. gotta keep a look out for this one! Company email (May 2014) re: La Merika Wines: The short answer is no we do not make the statement that our wines are vegan or vegetarian friendly. Last month we featured the Bota Box RedVolution 3L box here.

Boxed Wine Spoils Faster Than Bottled Wine, So Keep It Cold

I’m partial to Bota Box Cabernet, but Black Box also does the trick. There are times and how many of them depends on your stress levels and self-acceptance, but we all have them that you do not care to keep track of how many glasses of wine you’ve had. But how long will it last uncorked before it turns to vinegar? That, friends, all depends on the type of wine you drink. And second, we all just found a great reason to start drinking boxed wine. Do you know how many glasses a little bottle of wine averages? Four. My fridge ALWAYS contains a Bota box (or three.. hey white, red, blush. Hey white, red, blush. Wine doesn’t last that long in my house anyway, but I imagine some people would find that helpful. Most boxed wines have FOUR 750 ML bottles in the box. I’ve come a long way since I cried when the manager of the restaurant I worked at tried to get me to say what the wine smelled like. While Black Box claims to have a full bodied taste it does not have this when it stands next to the Bota Box.

Box wine has come a long way since the huge cardboard containers of Vella and Franzia which often look like building material for the back walls of wine stores. The SPinC generally goes to bed earlier than I do. As many of your know, this past weekend I hosted a box wine taste-off. Sure, the writing gets illegible by the end of the evening, and the notes on the first 5 or 6 wines are more detailed and sophisticated than on the last few. Bota Box Malbec: average rating 6.1 I had written this wine off, but it was better than I remembered. Cabernet Sauvignon in a box seems to be the easiest to do well or maybe my people just like Cabs. The perception that boxed wine is poor quality might be changing. In the last year I’ve seen a few good wines in boxes that give me hope. We’ve had a number of wines from Bota Box and Black Box, most of which are mediocre but inexpensive and great for cooking. Bota Box pinot noir is from Chile and the malbec is from Mendoza, Argentina. As of last year, box wine sales represented 17 percent of all wine sold by volume. So how does all that stack up? I’m not a big wine expert, but after that last thread, I got a few Bota Box wine varieties and was pleased with them. I’ll keep my eyes open for an Australian box and see how they do. In short, I think boxed wines are perfect for the everyday wine drinker so long as you avoid problem areas and stick to what you like. Last night we reviewed a boxed wine, so let’s crack into another box tonight. This one is produced by Bota Box, a brand that I’ve never reviewed on this site before. Although I do know many people who’ve bought wine just because of the cool bottle it came in (points at self in embarrassment). This page was last modified on 28 February 2016, at 22:19.